02 January 2011

Looking Back at 2010

Finally I have my own sweet time to jot down what I've been through in 2010....

As I was granted university's entrance permission, done with the 2 major Japanese language exams (EJU & JLPT), January & February was sort of a free months. It was the last moments where I can enjoy care-freely with friends around me.

At Asakusa's Nakamise Dori. 22 Feb.

My birthday celebration with close friends, 5th March.

I left Tokyo in March, where I moved to Saitama to further my study in university.

The day I left Tokyo. 9 March.

I'd say year 2010 to me started in March/April instead of January.
April is spring, the season where school season starts alongside blooming Sakura flowers. The beginning of another new chapter in my life, university life.

To some extent, it was a mental torture for me initially, being in the transaction of rebuilding my social life around the new environment. To separate with bunch of close friends and live by oneself is harder than I initially expected, though it's not unforeseen.
But anyway, am glad that right now I can look back and say the worst is finally over. Phew!!

Summer of 2010 (Aug~Sept) was probably one of the better times I supposed, having summer holiday break as long for slightly longer than 1.5 months.
Went back to Malaysia after my last visit home Aug last year. This time, many things had changed.

Most importantly, that now we've moved to a new place. It's kinda sad when we visited the old house, now no longer our property. While cleaning up my stuffs collected since all these years, can't help but to felt nostalgic over tiny details on the cards, toys and photos (yeah I admit, I'm nostalgic person).


It's important to remind myself that I've to make peace with my past, so that it won't hinder me to move forward to the future.

At least I've managed to compensate myself back in KL. Back to somewhere you're familiar, surrounded with people you're close with does make help you to "recover" faster. Managed to went to quite a few places, wallop good foods, as well as reconnect with some old friends. Although we have social networks nowadays, but nothing beats the usual way of having a drink together and talk like there's no tomorrow heh.

Gathering at my home. 11 Sept.

Came back to Japan in mid-Sept. Made an important decision of the year, that is to move out from the hostel to a new room. Felt that in long term, staying out by myself would be more viable than confining in the hostel for the entire 4 years of university life. I've no complains over the hostel's facilities, staffs are friendly, just that distance and financial factor influenced my decision.

October was the month I'm busy moving stuffs over to the new place. Am lucky that I've managed to secure the room unit with quite cheap rental. But the only downside is that the Korean guy staying above me made quite some noise during late night which disturbed my sleep initially. I guess I'll get used to it soon.... Can't be helped, the construction materials used weren't the best considering the rent's cheap.

The new room unit.

Talk about university, academically I'm doing pretty well so far. Just hope that with the result I can manage to secure a scholarship when I enter 2nd year.
As for friends.... I did made a few of 'em, but not really that close, not even the few fellow Malaysians students whom we're studying together right now. The chemical bonding just isn't good enough I guess.

I noticed why I'm so active into MSAJ, is perhaps that I wanna get surrounded with bunch of Malaysians that we can work things off together. Besides the events held were pretty interesting and engaging. MSAJ really helped to paint my year 2010 with more colours.

At Pn Siti's Hari Raya open house. 3 Oct

Anyway, am glad that year 2010 is finally over!!


So that puts fullstop on year 2010. So what's my objectives for 2011?

  • Secure financial stability (by means of getting scholarship or working)
  • Learn skills and knowledge that can be useful for me in the future.
  • Say goodbye to lonely life! (by means of getting more friend or....?)
  • Be mentally-stable and stronger than ever.

    Just a few simple wishes here heh..... Hope that it's not just me, but you readers will have a wonderful year 2011 too!!

    Currently am looking forward going back to celebrate Chinese New Year in KL in almost a month's time! :D
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