13 July 2010

Diary #02 Mid July Brief Update

Sneak out some time before sleep to write a post here....

July is indeed a busy month huh.... with multiple reports followed by the final exams for the end of the semester. Good thing is that everything seems will be settled in July, so means from August onwards I can enjoy my summer holiday!! :D

Talk about summer holiday, I'll be going back to Malaysia on the 16th August, which is roughly a month from now. Can't wait to go back to meet with family and friends again, and also to explore the new territory, new house.

Seems like I'll be having 2 weeks of holiday in Japan before going back to Malaysia. Planning to meet friends and perhaps visit some other places around Kanto region. In the meantime would love to get involve in any interesting projects happening as long as I can get my time fit in. Wanna spend my summer holiday nicely before going back to Malaysia!

OK just a rather short update here.

Let's start the countdown now....

2 weeks to final exam.
5 weeks to somewhere I belong. :)

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