09 July 2010

Diary #01 A New Tag

Decided to create this "Diary" series to record down bits of my life so far, a plan to replace the boring "Updates" title which I've been using from quite some time already.
Besides I think the new tag "Diary" will helps me to organise the posts better than before.

Diary #01 - Mobile phone photos update

Recently my photography mood had been in hiatus as I don't really go out to explore that often nowadays (or rather, no fresh materials to take pics of). While I don't bring my camera around now but I still take pictures with my current phone.

Let's start reverse- chronologically with the latest pics.

It's been awhile since we had such sunny weather after cloudy and rainy days. 8 July 2010.

Listening to Kenny G's new album "Heart And Soul" before sleep. 6 July 2010.
Kenny G 「Heart and Soul」 #nowplaying

Unagi lunch set at Yayoi-ken. Taste great especially the combo of the rice and unagi! 3 July 2010.

Visited Roppongi Hills again since my last visit on Feb. 2 July 2010.

Purpose of visiting there is to join the Tokyo.Japan Times photos exhibition party. More detailed post here.

The audio-visual system in my school's library. HD LCD TV and Sony Blu Ray disc player. Perfect match! 11 June 2010.

Let's talk about my progress in the university.

It's July already and it'll be one of the busiest month, with the finals saturated at the end of the month. Still haven't get the proper exam schedule yet but I got a feeling that there'll be no exams in August so which means my holiday may start earlier! :D

Next week will be having 2 finals which are rather easy ones, like the Computer Literacy's Power Point Presentation and English's speech for 1 min and above lol.

This is the theme that I'll be talking next week! Pictures of Kawagoe!
Owly Images

Kinda excited and looking forward for the finals. Am trying to work out the best I could to score better marks so that there'll be some hope getting scholarships in the near future.

Well I guess that's all for the first diary post ever here hah. Will try to sort out some interesting points to blog about someday.
'til then. :)

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