10 June 2010

Foreign Students Party

Well at last a proper event worth to be updated, though this time didn't really take alot of pics.

Before this I was sort of baffled that the university is solely academic-based as we do not have any sort of events or gatherings for the students to mix together. The twice a week Japanese language class doesn't really help much and the number of foreign students in Kamifukuoka campus much fewer compared to the other campus.


Anyway, the party was held in Tuesday evening, right after our last paper for the mid-term test thankfully. I had to go through a really boring class (I rarely complain bout boring class but when I do, you'll know how bad it is) til 6pm.
Sort of messed up my plan but still in time to grab my camera at my hostel and cycle all the way to the university's Kawagoe campus.

It was my first time going to the Kawagoe campus in the evening and boy it feels so different as the area is pretty much wider than the Kamifukuoka campus. Here's a peek of the Kawagoe campus during the day.

Event started around 630pm with not much delay as per normal Japanese standard.

Here we had one of the top officials of the university giving a speech, as per any other similar events in Japan hah. Btw, not quite sure whether he's the head of university huh...

Testing a quick panoramic.

Here comes my favourite part of the party, THE FOOD!!


I was surprised to see the amount of top notch food to boot!! Well no need to guess, my main target is the fish dish, sashimi hah.

Cheerleaders performing. Was at the side so not really a good angle to take pic.

Anis and Irene (the shadowy figure). Both of them are my coursemates.

Jo, a Japanese whom we're staying in the same hostel. He's a student of the Kawagoe campus and major in football. Gatecrashed the party but well, no harm having another company eh?

During the event was being introduced with a Malaysian lecturer who're teaching at the Kawagoe campus. He goes by the name Zhuang (庄) and is teaching Economics. Was a bubbly character and the material to attend social events like this.

Somehow I'm more concentrated on the food on that day so didn't really take much pics though.... and perhaps I've drank a little bit of beer so yeah, been engaging in conversations more often than usual heh.

Anyway, overall the party was great.
Great food, fine drink and good company, what can I ask for more?
Good thing the day ended in a good way. :)

P/S: Heard there'll be a university field trip somewhere in November. Still long time to go before the details surface but kinda look forward to it.
Being in Japan, is all about traveling as many places as possible to see and learn more things!