20 April 2010

Setting Goals

Hello peeps, a mid-week update before I get busy again with university stuffs.
Today I'd like to share few thoughts here, what I'm planning to achieve in these few months, or perhaps few years time.

Part-time job
Here it's usually referred as "Arubaito".
Doing part-time job is a good way to spend the time eventhough I know it's definitely not an easy job. On the bright side, I can learn more about communication with the Japanese, learn their working culture and the core, earning money.
Currently I had interview at a sushi shop not so far from the university campus, but still waiting for their reply.

Flying back Home

The university's summer holiday is already fixed. It's not that long but sufficient for some break back in KL I suppose.
Tentatively I'd like to go back on 8th Aug (88!!) and return to Japan on 18th Sept. That's about a month plus 10 days.
Now I'm still searching for promotional air ticket (in other words, cheaper) and my first choice will be none other than MAS!! :D

If I'm able to get the job as mentioned above, I might work out and sponsor myself the ticket back to KL, so that I can enjoy a good summer holiday back there. :D

Apple iPhone 4

Rumours about the new phone had been flying around the webs lately, with the people from Gizmodo managed to get a prototype unit of it by chance, revealing the juices of what the next generation smartphone contains.

I've been wanted a smartphone for some time and iPhone seems to be the best choice out there. I'm a heavy user so I think I'll benefit alot from having one of it. It's said to be launched in the summer, so I think it'll reach Japan around autumn? Hopefully Softbank will came out with affordable promotions by that time.

Mac Book Pro

Some time ago I've set this goal, that my next computer will not be a Windows machine anymore.
When I first chose this laptop I've neglected mobility as I don't think I'll be taking it out frequently. Now that the university lesson requires us to bring own laptop, carrying a bulkier and heavier machine isn't funny at all.
As for MacBook Pro, instead of aiming for the larger ones, I'd go for the smallest 13 inches unit.

I think it'll be very useful in the university especially in the 2nd, 3rd year as that time I'll be studying more specific about sounds. Besides, MBP is the common tool for the pros too.

How can I afford it? Well first it'll be hard-earn cash from working part-time, and if it's good enough I'd love to get scholarship aids as well, that'll smoothen the plan. I just hope when I can afford it, they'll include the iCore processor in the 13" model as well.

Aiming for quite a few stuffs here huh.... some cannot be achieved in just a short period of time, gonna work hard for it~
Continue to live with a purpose, set a goal and work towards it!

Wish everyone have a good day, and hopefully I can go back to meet with friends and family in few months time too!! :)

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