24 April 2010

ABK Welcoming Party 2010

For the past few weeks I've been getting down to Tokyo quite often, mainly to meet up with friends and juniors. This time I headed down there again to attend the welcoming party for the new batch of students, year 2010.

Friday's class ended around 4pm, rushed back to the hostel to prepare a little and took the train down to Tokyo. Reached ABK (my Japanese language school) around 6pm.


I couldn't help but to smile looking at the pics from last year's party. We were there last year and one wonders how fast the time had passed.


It's funny to see how those friends had changed comparing the pics from last year, even myself changed too lol.

Seems like this year not so many students attended the party. There're some of my juniors didn't join it.

The food, it's been awhile since I last year Asian cuisine besides Japanese!

The school principal capturing the food's pic.

This year's bingo prizes aren't as great as last year's I think.

The night's program.

Matsumoto-san (in blue T-shirt) plays the role as the emcee for this year.

Quite crowded, not bad not bad. Actually it's better to have more people join the party isn't it?

Ming Han & Danielle. Now all of us already graduated from the school hah.

Students from Thailand performed a song. Heard they're exchange students from a university in Thailand.

The main purpose I attend the welcome party is actually help Ming Han to record down his harmonica performance.
Here it goes, separated into 2 parts.

Part 1 [link]

Part 2 [link]

Was thinking to upload it to Youtube but the 10 mins video length rule had taken into effect, bumper. Ended up separate it into 2 videos and upload to Facebook.

The bingo game followed. This is the first time for many of them so yeah, they're excited about it lol. It's the Japanese version of lucky numbers back in Malaysia hah.

The crowd are waiting for the numbers announced by the disappeared emcee (stitching glitch).

Later chatted with some juniors and gave them some advices since, well, we're the seniors now hahah. My bunch of juniors went back straight after the party so I joined in Ming Han and Danielle's gang.
Chatted all the way til 11pm before I rushed to catch train back to my place.

Wasn't that smooth journey for me as the Tobu Tojo line had accident earlier so the trains were delayed. But thankfully, at the end of the day I've managed to get back to safety albeit almost an hour later than usual.

Stomach was growling as the food I ate had been digested to the molecular level. The 24 hours Yoshinoya comes into rescue with the (rather) cheap pork rice for 330 yen.
managed to get back finally. eating supper at Yoshinoya now, buta don (pork rice).

A year had passed.... and I wonder whether I'll be attending the welcome party again next year lol....


  1. さすがミンハンだなぁ。。。

  2. hahah, he won national harmonica competition before if not mistaken.

  3. Wow.. Can't stopped myself from laughing when I saw that disappearing emcee. ^^

    Wuwuwuw... quite a bad performance.... Haiz.

  4. lol..... anyway u did well to entertain everyone. :)