18 March 2010

Slowing Down The Pace

I've been heading out continuously for days since moving in last week, and finally slowing down the pace a little by now.... But anyhow, still planning to go out explore more places in these few days time.

Snack I had yesterday. Tai-yaki again, but it doesn't taste as good as the one I had the other day.

I went to apply for visa renewal last week, and received the postcard telling me to collect it yesterday. It's much faster than I thought as my friend needed 2 weeks to get it.

Noticed I didn't took pics that frequently these few days, probably is because I'm getting used to the things already so it isn't special anymore hah.

Took this today when walking to Kawagoe train station. Although the Japaneses are generally law-abiding citizens, but there're times where they'll simply ignore the law like in this pic.
The signboard warns do not park the bike here but who cares anyway?

I parked my bike at the proper bicycle parking lot which just cost 100 yen for the whole day. It's much safer than putting at the place where the bike might be taken away by the city council.

Elementary school kids enjoying their games.

Lunch, shio tsukemen! My first time trying tsukemen salt-flavoured broth. Tasted quite nice for me but probably because I prefer salty. :P

Collecting the visa is the easiest of all. I think I just need to wait like 15 mins for it. For now I don't need to think about visa until 2 years later~

Allow me to introduces these 2 pretty angels, Asterope and Celaeno.

In case you might find the artworks familiar, those are creations of the great illustrator Kagaya. I admire his artworks a lot as not only the works look marvelous, the level of details is simply astonishing.
Added with some nice background music, and there you go, a masterpiece!


Anyway back to today, bought few stuffs from Bic Camera Omiya.

A cleaning brush, duster to wipe off the dust especially on the laptop. Looks like a giant capsule hah.

Another major hunt, a Microsoft wireless mouse!
Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000.

Slightly larger than it's wired brother.

The wireless receiver is quite minute, comparable with a 1 yen coin.


I used to tease those who used wireless mouse as I find it kinda bulky and heavy, not so user-friendly. However I've been bothered with the wired mouse's cable for some time already as it's kinda messy and takes up some space so decided to get this to smoothen my computing works better.
Just a few hours upon using it, slowly getting grip of it. The scrolling is too smooth to my liking, still gonna tweak it a little.

Anyway, tomorrow I should be resuming my bicycle exploration again. There're still some places which I've yet to explore, like the west and east side from my hostel....

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