19 March 2010

Earliest Memory

While reading a book, an idea struck my mind, asking myself what is the earliest memory I had in my life? I think this is an interesting question for most people. True to our conscious, but can one exactly recall a distance memory many years ago and retold the story again today?

Rainbow at Kem Wawasan

Let's try with myself. As far as I can go, I think my earliest memory would be around 2 years old. At that time I'm still staying at a flat unit before moving into my current residence later that year.

I remember well that I took nap at the caged veranda; entering sisters' room with a double-decker bed; mother helping to put on my shoes while we're going out for something.

I guess these would be the few I can remember without referring to old photo albums or according to family members.

I was being told that I've spent my 1st year mostly in hospital ward, and then being raised by grandparents in Kedah for another year before settling down in KL. So says, there were more events went on earlier than I can remember.

Speaking of memories, I noticed I tend to dwell on the past from time to time, couldn't let go of things sometimes. Savour the flavourful bits of the memories may be sweet, but at the same time the deeper you dwell in, the more painful the experience can be when return to the sober of reality. That's what I've been through before but anyway, life will not move on if one just stuck at the past and without looking forward to the future.

At times I might be upset, but I still remind myself that there're still a long way in life to go, so look forward for the unknown future, as the new experience could be something greater than I could imagine.


So far it's been almost a year since I came to Japan, tentatively it'll be another 4 years to go before completing my university study. What's going to happen next, I'll leave it for myself to decide in these few years time.

No matter how much I missed the great memories with the people and place, the more practical action is to look forward and work out for the future!


Just a little piece of mind here, regular blog post will resume soon, it's been another fine day today with lots of nice pics in Kawagoe.  :)

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