21 March 2010


Shinjuku (新宿) is one of the busiest places in Tokyo where you'll see lots of Japanese folks around whether they're office workers working at the nearby blocks or young lads who're hanging out with friends around the Kabukicho (歌舞伎町).

I personally am not so fond of the place, having been there with friends when I first came to Japan early on. It doesn't give me a good impression though. Probably because of the crowd and the infamous red-light-district Kabukicho which ordinary folks like me wouldn't bother it as I think if I had the cash, I would spend it on something more useful rather than investing in vice.

For me to goto Shinjuku today is quite spontaneous. Woke up rather late around 11am and asking myself where I'd like to go today? Shinjuku seems to be a fine place as I haven't really went to explore it by myself, to really feel and experience it by myself without anyone's influence.
It's ironic that I dislike loneliness, but at times I do prefer to roam alone as I've the freedom to do and see anything I like.

One of the things that caught my attention is the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.


An colossal building with a pretty impressive height, as well as the two towers which makes it intimidating looking from up close.

There's the observatory deck up on those buildings, at the 45th floor. It's free so naturally I wouldn't miss the chance to get a good view of Tokyo from a different dimension.


Looks like toys to me hahah.

Interesting building just beside the other corner.

Folks from the observatory on the next tower.

As you can see it's kinda hazy.... KL had much better visibility I think.

Spotted an interesting building here.

And this another one. Mode College building, aka Cocoon.

As I went down it's already 2pm++. Haven't really eaten anything since morning, so it's time to tune on my sniffing sense and look for something to eat.

On the way pass-by this Karaoke building where I had a short session with Ming Han & Danielle weeks earlier.

Ramen shop spotted.

What attracts me is the menu below.

Was being served with appetiser while waiting my noodle dish arrive. Simple yet delicious beansprouts.

Tsukemen!! Cost 850 yen including the egg.
It's one of the better ones I've tasted so far, although the soup might be too salty for some and the noodle could've been much softer.
Anyway it comes with an after-meal service of a small bowl of porridge to be eaten with the soup. Adding the porridge dilutes the saltiness and it's a good combination!


Few shots from the streets of Shinjuku, close to Kabukicho.

Walking inside the Kinokuniya bookstore reminds me of Sungei Wang Plaza back in KL.
The book departments further reminds me of the bookstores near Petaling Street too hah.

Harry Potter books. Still one of my favourite novel series as I've followed from the 1st book 'til the very last.

Outside the Kinokuniya bookstore.

Loot of the day - Jane Green's "Second Chance", 888 yen.
Quite easy to follow and kinda enjoy reading it for the first few chapters.

Later of the day went to the FGS Temple again, to help out a little I can. I've decided to went there anytime if I'm able to make it. Had free meals there so I think it's part of me to help them out something in return. Besides, doing something to keep my occupied is better than sitting alone in the room having my mind flying here and there.
My mind rebels at stagnation.

That's pretty much about today. Looking forward for tomorrow's plan to meet up with Calvin & Ming Han at Ueno! :D

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