20 March 2010


Glorious Saturday morning, woke up slightly pass 10am. Thinking that the canteen still serve breakfast 'til 10am, headed downstairs but to my dismay, the breakfast session is finished. Later I realised that the breakfast is up until 930am only.
A little disappointed, headed back to my room and received a call from the hostel keeper, asking me to come down to get my breakfast.

Well apparently the canteen staff managed to came out with some food from somewhere and I was reminded again that the breakfast for Sat is only until 930am hah.

The breakfast: sour plum onigiri, fish fillet, some vege mix cake-like stuff and a bottle of Yakult.

It was unexpected so I'm surprised. Many thanks to the friendly canteen staff and the hostel keeper hah.

Today's exploration took place a little later than usual. The destination is the area besides the railway track as it's somewhere I normally wouldn't crossover.

Freshly plowed plots.

Farm + residence.

Blossoming white flowers~

Spotted this interesting vending machine.

Koshihikari rice up for sale for 1000 yen.

Vegetables, selling at 100 yen each.

A modern-looking kindergarten across the farm plots. It looked great and I'm kinda envy those kids who attend this kindergarten lol.

Sushi for lunch. Am curious with a few pieces of sushi which I haven't eaten before so decided to try it out.

Riding to Kamifukuoka (上福岡, where my university campus is located at) wasn't that hard at all, just there's a steep slope I've to climb up but luckily normally I won't be using that route!

Found myself at a newly-built apartment blocks, with a park nearby.

Western Central Park of Kamifukuoka, Fujimino City.

It's weekend as you can see so the park is occupied with families.

The apartment blocks.

Quite cool to find this windmill in the park.

Looking towards the Kamifukuoka train station.

Cocone is a relatively new shopping plaza just across the Kamifukuoka station.

Fujimino city tourist guide. Hmm.... seems like there're some spots around worth to check it out.

While on the way back, my nose guided me to the back alley and found this yakitori stall just outside an izakaya. Bought the chicken thigh for 150 yen, and I haven't eat it though lol. Plan to leave it for supper. :P

That's all for today's post. Nothing much to shout about really.
Tomorrow's Sunday, planning to get down to Tokyo again, but to where, I'm not sure. If not, might be going to FGS Temple again huh....

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