24 February 2010

Weekend at Toneri

* This will be an intermission post before another heavy update.

Last weekend had lunner (lunch + dinner, in case you haven't came across this term) with hostelmate at a 100 yen sushi shop not so far and not so close from the hostel.
The direction is pretty direct and simple, just go straight ahead, turn right and straight ahead.
It might sound kinder crazy but considering we're coming from Arakawa-ku (荒川区) to Adachi-ku (足立区), crossing the 2 major rivers in Tokyo (Sumidagawa 隅田川 & Arakawa 荒川), 30 mins is considered a short distance by bicycle.

The restaurant, Kappa Sushi かっぱ寿司

We reached around 2pm and was shocked to see large crowds waiting to be seated. Previously I went around 230pm and it was wait-less!

Promoting their weekdays campaign, a plate of sushi at 90 yen each (tax included). Noticed some 100 yen sushi restaurants are having such promotion, including my favourite Hamazushi.

We waited for half an hour before we're seated at the very end table of the entire restaurant.

The following food pics were taken from previous trip because this time I didn't take any pics as I'm very hungry and couldn't stop devouring the sushi plates by plates hah.


Granted, even though it's priced around the same price, but I still prefer Hamazushi as the sushi served in Kappa Sushi felt inferior to the former.

Since the restaurant is located not far from a large park, the Toneri Park (舎人公園) so decided to cycle to there stroll around before cycling back to the hostel. This time it's a 40 mins bicycle ride.

Panorama shot. (P/S: the bikes aren't ours!)

Suburb of Tokyo, with the Tokyo Sky Tree visible far away.

Another panoramic shot. This is how it looks like in suburb Tokyo, peaceful residential neighbourhood. Just a few distance away to the north and you'll leave Tokyo and reach Saitama-ken.

Shot of few houses while on the way back. Although it look small but I like the simple yet practical design.

That's all for now. Today's the last day in the Japanese language school. I might be writing about it sometime but most importantly I'll be having party with my classmates in an hour's time, and tomorrow I'll be attending Tokyo.Japan Times' launch party in Roppongi! :D

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