21 February 2010

Recharging Myself

* This can be quite a long post loaded with pics! *

This post is about things happening in 18 Feb, this Thursday. The morning unfolds with a blanket of white snow outside, to my surprise.

Look outside my window.

Took train to school. At JR Nishi-Nippori station.

Rokugien entrance covered with snow.

The breakfast. My favourite Mocha L size and Milano Prawn Sandwich.

More snow on the road.

That day was special as we're having "field study" (見学) at a disaster-prevention training center (防災館) located at Ikebukuro.

With friends in 3D glasses. They showed a scenario in 3D but the film was taken decades ago.

The tree where we posted up our messages.

My multi-lingual message.

Capturing other people testing the fire extinguisher. Bad pic I know, took their butts instead.

Besides that we also had the chance to try the earthquake simulation. For our group we had magnitude 6.0 simulation, which is freaky enough.

The visit ended around 1130am and that's where my journey of "recharging" commenced. The write-ups up to the above were just the minor discoveries I made on that day.

My destination is Kumanocho (熊野町) at Itabashi-ku (板橋区). I know it's not far away from Ikebukuro but I didn't went there before. Based on instinct and a help of map, I've finally got to the place I wanted to visit.

日本佛光山 東京佛光山寺 (Tokyo Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Temple)

Last year's CNY when I went to Dong Zen Temple 东禅诗 (in Malaysia), the head monk Master Jue Cheng (觉诚法师) introduced me to come visit the Tokyo's temple. It was kinda surprising that a year later, I actually landed myself here!

Paid my respect in the main hall where the Buddha statue resides, as it's been a ritual for a Buddhist to pay respect to the deity whenever visiting the temple. Didn't take any pics though.

I was offered lunch as I haven't took mine. Oh joy! Vegetarian food has never tasted so good before! If vegetarian food is cooked in such way I can had it day after day!

Later I had a long chat with the head monk over there, Master Jue Yong (觉用法师) who happens to be fellow disciple along with Master Jue Cheng. In a simpler term, they're from the same batch of monks trained together and later became the heads in different temples.

So you might be wondering, how come someone like me who seldom spoke a word about religion, would suddenly had the urge to visit a Buddhist temple?

Well, I sort of had emotional breakdowns the other day, which the feeling kinda "kills" me greatly. I had this invisible stress building up in me for some time already and didn't really know how should I be channeling it out. As some may have experienced before, I was very down and low motivation. Oh btw it has nothing to do with financial nor academical.

I would go to the temple is because I wanted some counseling, and a place where I can recharge my flatten mental and spiritual "battery".

Hmm..... I guess one of the few reasons would be leaving Tokyo and settling in a new place soon, and another reason would be unable to go back to spend some time in KL while friends are going back. Envious.....

Had a few cup of teas, and it has been a fruitful chat with the Master herself. At times like this inspiring and motivating conversation really helps.

Received this bracelet made of Sandalwood (檀香木) which I loved the fragrance!

I had a tour inside the temple, which consist of 2 basement floors and The temple reminded me greatly of Dong Zen Temple.
It feels like back home, a place where I'm familiar with.

Tainted glass with Master Xing Yun (星云大师)'s silhouette.

I'll definitely come back to the temple again, as it's not that far away technically even from my new place.
Maybe I'll be going there again next weekend, if I'm free.


It's been a good discovery, appreciate the generosity of the people and the help when I'm laid down. Thank you very much!

Books which will kept me occupied when I'm thinking of things again.


  1. Don't so emo-lah.
    Next time we go to that temple together, okay?
    But you must lead the road, 'coz I can be very blur one ><

  2. i find meditation as a mean to recharge oneself.
    you should practice this often.....

  3. Calvin:
    lol sure thing no prob. kinda opposite direction from ur side though, at north-west of Tokyo.

    yea it's good, usually what I do is "music meditation". :)