02 February 2010

Snow In Tokyo (Part II)

* Part I, the Night Edition *

OK, I was abit late to wake up by this morning and couldn't take any good pics of the playground outside. I was still blur as just having woke up from my dream (dream of eating my fav dish, chicken rice with family, commented that my sis' appetite is larger than mine lol).

Snow had started to melt by this morning but there're still some leftovers waiting to be taken pics with.


It's hard to see the snow on a white car as both are the same colour.

Pass-by the railroad which I have to cross everyday.

Now this is the tricky part.... uphill route with leftover snows. Slippery!

This little kid and playground.

A white Nissan and a white Honda.

I wonder how will the owner clear the snow of this Toyota Harrier.

It's common to see ice chunks just outside of the house.

An empty lot which used to filled with dirt, now turn into white carpet.

Love this scene. Both portrait and landscape gave different perspectives.

When I reached the school naturally everyone were discussing bout the snow as for most of us this is our first encounter with snow lol.

Leftovers outside the classroom.

Blue sky, balding tree, white ground~

Since I brought the camera along, took some other pics in the class as well.

Classmate giving a presentation about global warming.

The table-tennis gang! The guy in the middle is from HK.

Cute container for red pepper and garlic. Meow~

Highlight of the day, today's lunch! Tsukemen special! Ordered the bigger portion and it comes with a bowl of rice as "lunch service"! I can skip my dinner after having this heh.

So what do I learn for this brief snowing experience?
Naturally it's exciting, but at the same time I can somehow understand why some people hate snowing as it makes commuting much difficult with the slippery road and windy weather. Besides, snow will decrease visibility as well.

For tourist who would only stay at the country for a short period of time, snow can be fun but for the residents, it isn't something bothersome as they need to clear the snow, clean stuffs etc etc.

A little taste of snow like this is good enough for me, although didn't had the chance to have a snow fight with friends hahah.

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