03 February 2010

Chinese New Year Videos

Having to spend my Chinese New Year here this year, surely it's something I'll dearly missed as not able to celebrate this annual festive season with the family. Heard that this year both sisters are returning except for me, ah well.
The last time the complete family celebrate Chinese New Year together was in 2007, and in 08 and 09 either one of the sister was absent. This year 2010, ironically it's me who'll be missing in action.

Anyway, every year the creative local artists from Astro will be releasing their annual Chinese New Year songs, which are kinda catchy and suit the modern society where not many youngsters know how to appreciate the more traditional Chinese New Year songs.

This year's theme song is this 大日子 (da ri zi; Big Day).

The MV itself is kinda ridiculous at some points, but the lyrics and the song are nice~

The 2nd song is called 惜福 (xi fu; Cherish/Treasure)

Rather calmer tone, but that doesn't hinder the song carrying a hearty message, reminding people to treasure and cherish those around them. Instead of the usual noisy CNY songs, this song is refreshing~ I guess the blue sky and green grass helped to elevate it.

Malaysian Chinese had been pampered with nice festive songs, just that they didn't realised and appreciate it. Perhaps is because it has been saturated until they couldn't feel about the songs, which turn to be nuisance instead.

Anyhow, my favourite is still this song "庆祝" (qing zhu; Celebrate) which was the theme song for 2009.

When one's far away from the homeland, not having the familiar faces together to celebrate the festival, strong emotions naturally evoked when watching these fine videos.

P/S: In case you don't know, this year's Chinese New Year falls on the same day as the Valentine's Day. :)


  1. hey there happy new year to you too!