25 October 2009

Windows 7 upgrade?

Been reading lots of articles bout the newly launched Windows 7 lately, almost certainly positive reviews about it.

It's said to be a much competent OS compared to the failure Windows Vista (which I'm running currently). Many changes has been done and improvement over the known issues from the previous versions.

I curiously tested my current system whether can support Windows 7 via the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor from Microsoft.

Windows 7's system requirements are as below:
- At least 1.0 GHz processor.
- At least 1.0 GB RAM.
- At least 16 GB HDD.
- Graphic adapter that can supports Windows Aero.

My current com specs easily passed the requirements.

The rest result is pretty promising.... (click for larger pic)

Mostly no problem, all green....

A few non-compatible programs, which can be easily fixed later on.

Given the positive results, I'm a step closer to be lured to upgrade my com to Windows 7, heh.
But things aren't as easy as one would actually hoped for.

Upgrading the OS needs $$, and it isn't cheap. For my case I can opt for upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium, but that would cost USD 120 (~RM 406). Full version of it would cost USD 200 (~RM 677). O_o

Also, If I were to get it here, I have to be very careful with the language version. If not mistaken Windows is not that flexible when it comes to the language version.
I would be horrified to mis-installed the Japanese version of Windows, which I'm totally not used to it at all.

Windows 7, looks like a promising operation system. Will be keeping an eye for further updates.....

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