23 October 2009

Busy Week Update

Finally it's Friday.... be thankful of that!

Well then, it's kinda troubled to see this blog haven't been regularly updated as last time. Life in Japan should have many things to blog about, it does but currently am busy engaging with school lessons & university application so didn't really get to explore out that much. Last outing was to Ginza almost 2 weeks ago.

Life is not dull, and I can't stand boring routine life either. There must be some occasion where I can find excuse to spend a little more than usual, or sacrifice some of my time for other things.

A little update on what happened for this week....

Tuesday after school, went to the nearby sushi restaurant again to had late lunch with bunch of close friends. Main purpose was to celebrate Caphy passed her university exam.
It was her first time (my 4th visit) and see whether she can take in the raw fishes of Japan, heh.

Hamazushi's having a special offer on weekdays, 94 yen per plate instead of the sual 105 yen. Cheaper sushi YAY!!

Whenever I visit I must order these 2 plates! Top grade maguro (tuna) and well-marinated fatty salmon!

Me with the favourite sushis lol.

Don't wanna overflow this post with too much of sushi, if you're interested do read my 1st and 2nd visit to this sushi restaurant. Salivating pics....

Total kill was 12 plates of sushi. Was actually going for more (current record is 15 plates) but later the gang called for another round at a yakiniku (grill meat/BBQ) restaurant nearby, which one of my friend worked.

Kok Wai deciding on the menu....

The boss taking down the order, while Leang and Caphy wonders.


Pei Ki & Kok Wai.

Caphy & me, posing with the kimchi.

The raw meat before being grilled.


May not look the best but tasted nice. If not mistaken this is the pork's intestine?

Grilling another part of the pork.

This is how the kimchi looks like after being passed around....

Some sort of stone rice where you have to mix it up fast or the rice on the bottom will be "grilled".

Danielle joined in later, eating the big bowl of noodle dish.

For that day we basically ate 2 meals all together. It was great to hang out, and to have long chat with friends.

Besides that, for the past few weeks I've been busy preparing my university's application. Not an easy process as I've to prepare the documentations, settle the registration fees, waiting my interview essay to be corrected by the teacher.

So far everything seems to be working on fine. Gonna collect the final bits of documents from the school next week. Do some final checks, and then might be submitting the application personally to the university, which means I've to go to the university's main campus further away at Kawagoe City in Saitama-ken (埼玉県川越市).

Hope things will turn out to be fine for me next week eh. :)

Here's an excerpt from the interview essay which has been approved by my teacher. Will post it up here when it's all done.

It must be a tough job for a musician to do everything from composing, recording to editing. That's why sound engineer is such an important assistant for the musician.
No matter how great the musician is, he/she needs to work together with sound engineer to produce good results.

I think I would be a little relief once I'm done with my application. After that I can only concentrate on other things such as the interview practise and preparation for upcoming major exams.

The busyness is likely to end by the mid of Nov. Once I have more spare time, am likely to search for a part-time job to fill in the bank account.... :P

Oh yeah.... next weekend might be "visiting" this baby. :D
Lexus LF-A (1280x800)
Lexus LF-A at TMS

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