12 September 2009


Friday night I did not cook, instead I join my friends for some exotic sushi in a sushi restaurant located near the school.

Hamazushi (はま寿司)

It was full when we reached there around 745pm, waited for like half an hour before we're being assigned to our seats.

I was abit skeptical at first but seeing that each of the dish cost just 105 yen, this is definitely a good deal.

Some of the promotional items for this season.

Extensive sushi menu.

The touch-screen ordering panel. Just select the sushi you want and it'll be served via the conveyor belt. Freshness guaranteed.


Helping ourselves with green tea.

As a big fan of raw fishes, I don't show any mercy for the dishes and quickly "attack" them.

まぐろ (Maguro, fresh tuna) coming up on the conveyor belt, tempting....

First "kill", あじ (Aji, Japanese Jack Mackerel). Haven't eat this before so wanted to try it out. Tasted not bad.

One of my favourite, 大とろサーモン (Ootoro Salmon, fatty salmon). This part is near the belly of the fish which is oily and juicy.

King of the day, the 特撰本まぐろ(special selected Maguro). This would be the best piece of tuna sushi I've ever had so far.... absolutely sinful delicious!! 105 yen for a piece of this is worth it!!

Another salmon! 焼とろサーモン (Yaki Ootoro Salmon, grilled fatty salmon). Similar to the earlier one but this is slightly grilled which results the crispy skin.

まぐろはらみ (Maguro Harami, Harami Tuna). Not quite sure which part is this but nevertheless it quickly slips down into the stomach due to it's smooth texture.

うなぎ (Unagi, eel), which disappointingly nothing much to shout about, perhaps is due to the absence of the signature kabayaki sauce (蒲焼たれ) found on most unagi dishes.

広島産かきフライ (Fried Hiroshima Oyster) tasted great! Too bad I didn't ask for 2nd serving, regretted....

エビフライ (Fried Shrimp). Another tasty fried stuffs but I still prefer the raw ones. :P

うに (Uni, sea urchin). Didn't tasted this one but according to my friend who had it, there's a strong taste in it which some people may not like it. I dunno whether I'll like it or not.

炙り生えび (Broiled Raw Shrimp). As usual shrimp dishes are favourites in any sushi outlets, this one tasted good due to it's raw taste.

Another worthwhile mention, though unconventional sushi dish.

北京烤鴨 (Beijing Roast Duck). First time eating duck in Japan (the Japanese don't really eat duck), crunchy texture and generous portion! Yumm!!

4 servings for each of us!

いくら (Ikura, salmon roe). Some find it disgusting but I find it tasty. :P

生さんま (Sanma, Pacific Saury). Also known as 秋刀魚, this is the first time I eat the raw version of it.

ねぎとろ (Negi Toro). Tune flesh being mashed to create the texture, another fun way to eat the sushi if you couldn't take in the raw fish slices directly.

とろびんちょう (Toro Binchou). Not quite sure which part of tuna is this, but I guess is the flesh on the upper part as the texture is thinner than those near the stomach.

活〆はまち (Hamachi, Japanese Amberjack betterly known as Yellowtail). I had zero knowledge of this dish as it's the first time I came across one. Anyway, it tasted not bad too.

My last piece of sushi for the day, 特製白だし醤油漬けサーモン (Special marinated Salmon).
Noticed the extra bit of flesh eh, I guess it's special "service" by the chef who prepared it coz it's quite late already. A great sushi to end the meal!

Btw, all the sushi above are priced at 105 yen per dish, which is quite reasonably with the quality of the food.

Friends opt for some cakes as dessert. I didn't take it as I'm full and the creamy cakes doesn't digest well with the raw fishes I guess, hah.

Chocolate cake, 210 yen.

Cheese cake, 210 yen.

A chocolate dessert which we let it pass.

The tower-stack of plates lol. Total damage, 50 plates from 4 ppl!

After being divided, each of us paid around 1,400 JPY (~RM 54).

Too bad I don't have the chance to taste this かつおたたき (Katsuo Tataki, Skipjack Tuna) as it's been sold out even before we're seated.

This would probably be the best meal I ever had in Japan so far.... おいしかった!

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  1. My mouth is watering.... Boy, I do miss Japan.