12 September 2009

Arakawa Disaster Prevention Training

Last Sunday there was a disaster prevention training held by the local council and we as foreign students were encouraged to join it, since we had almost zero knowledge on how to cope with it in case of something happened, in this case probably an earthquake.

Over the past few months there were a few quakes here and there in Japan, but so far I've only felt for a very minor one. We can't take things for granted but it's not impossible that if one would struck and shake things up.

The training was located at Oku no hara Park (尾久の原公園) which is not very far away from the hostel, just 1km away and took like 15 mins to reach on foot.

It was scorching hot that morning, everyone were to stand under the unshaded field while listening to the officials' speeches. Luckily it weren't long-winded.

A fire truck with the elevator thingy, more about it in the coming pics.

The crowd....

Now this is an earthquake simulator, which obviously will shake as if the real earthquake struck.

There were a few magnitudes try out, most notably the 8.3 magnitude from the The 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake which said to flatten down most part of Tokyo back then.
It might be interesting to try out simulation like this one, but surely there's no smile in the face if it really happens in real life.....


A head tip, should there's a quake, quickly bury yourself down under the table while cover the head with cushioning (pillow or something soft).

A German Shepperd dog.

A modern fire-extinguisher machine, nicknamed Dual Fighter Dragon.

A traditional-looking fire-extinguisher machine.

Folks trying out how to aim and shoot with water gun. The "119" digits is actually the number to call the fire department in Japan btw.

Putting out the fire.

Smoke house... basically gives people the impression of how it looks like when stuck inside the building during a fire.

I had this chance to get a lift up 20m above the ground thanks to this lucky draw.

A family's turn.

My turn, in the form of video. Besides me is hostelmate Lambert from Indonesia.

The entire experience was kinda fun, I gain instead of lose, which is always a good thing hah. Thanks to the school's staffs for everything, including bringing us there and preparing the food and beverage for us! :D

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