30 August 2009

Lost and Found

Last month, I had my bicycle taken away from where I parked in front of the school compound. If memory serves me right, that day was 15 July. Was having class performance's practise for our school trip, so it was quite a blow for me at that time.

The missing bike, bought when I came here in April.
My bicycle

The bike was gone when I was to retrieve it to ride back to hostel. I carelessly left the key on the bike lock, and only realised the key is not with me when I'm about to leave. I look around the compound, thinking maybe someone would have place it at the other side or such, but unfortunately it was nowhere to be found.

Reported the incident to the school's office and was told to wait for any news of the stolen bike. Although the law enforcement in Japan is great, but given for a common theft report as such, I don't really have much hope to get it back.

Since bicycle is important for daily life, I straight away went to a nearby bike shop to get a 2nd hand bike. Was kinda lucky to have one in pretty good condition selling at 6,500 yen.

Well then, the 2nd hand bike I bought is actually better than the stolen bike lol..... It's much easier to cycle as it comes with changeable gears so make trip up and down the hill much easier than the previous ones.

Left: the 2nd hand bike. Right: stolen bike.

I've been using the 2nd hand bike since then and during this Monday, I received a call from the school's office for update regarding the stolen bike. It was being found somewhere not so far away from the school and it's being placed in the local police station.

The next day's noon I was brought to the police station by the office staff who helped me to settle this matter to collect the stolen bike. He kindly drove me to the police station which is just a few blocks away from the school.

The bike seems to be a little battered but still in usable condition. The key's getting rusty due to exposure of the weather. After checking my ID and the bike's identification paper, I was handed back the bike. Oh joy! :D

The 2 bikes, both are in silver colour.

I was consider very lucky that at least my bike was to be found and got it back. The staff who helped me told me that his daughter's bike were stolen twice and nowhere to be found.

So.... now that I had 2 bikes, what should I be doing with both? I plan to keep the 2nd hand one and sell the other to someone else, probably to new student who would be coming in this Oct. Although I might lose a few bucks doing so, but it's better than I lose the whole bike's price eh. :)

A big thanks for Mr Kondou for helping me up with the trouble! :D

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