31 August 2009


Technically by now it's still summer's time, but since yesterday the weather had been behaving unusually cooler as it supposed to be in the summer. Temperature slightly dropped below 25'C, and for the first time the rain feels cold (normally although it rains but it still hot & dry) in the summer.
It was weekend and I didn't went out, was a lazy Sunday I mostly spent in my room.

Today Monday, when I woke up it was unusually cold which reminds me of the late spring days. It was raining heavily. Already expected this since I've checked weather forecast last night. Feeling lazy, decided to head to school by train instead of bike. I had enough of riding to school under the rain and arrive there soaked. Riding bike in such windy and rainy condition is dangerous as well.

While preparing to walk to the train station a female hostelmate teases me and another friend "hah guys going to school by train?". I didn't take it personally but seems like my friend dislike being said like that, hah.

The train ticket cost 290 yen (~MYR 11.40) for single journey. Machiya (町屋) via Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line -> Nishi-Nippori (西日暮里) via JR Yamanote line -> Komagome (駒込).

The Chiyoda metro was kinda crowded but still manage to squeeze in while on the other hand, JR Yamanote line was kinda empty although it's one of the most important train in Tokyo.

JR Yamanote line's train, damn long.

Inside the JR Yamanote train. One station before my school is Tabata.

The Komagome station and my school is separated by some distance away so gonna walk for another 10 mins before reaching school. Overall commuting time was 40 mins, consider short according to Tokyo's standard.
At least, I wasn't that soaked as compared to riding the bike.

Well I only realised the freak change in weather is due to a typhoon currently approaching the Kanto region where Tokyo is located. It's still some distance away in the sea but one of the significant sign of typhoon is such that it brought together with large amount of rain, effectively chill off the summer heat of Tokyo.

The rain continues to pour til late noon when I've finished my class. Another 40 mins commuting~

It's quite normal to see that some of the train lines are affected by the incoming typhoon. The trains are traveling at slower speed than usual for precaution measurement.

This is the weather forecast for the next few days from iGoogle, usually it's kinda accurate for the next day's forecast. Look at the huge temperature gap. O_o

I've learn that typhoon activities are active around Aug-Sept this period. Thankfully this one is not something that devastating, stay in the room is the safest.

Anyway to end this post, here's a least-successful attempt to fry a perfect egg.


May not look appetizing but nevertheless it's edible lol. :P


  1. 私はやはり日本の電車が大好きです><

  2. hahah KTM is a big joke.... at least LRT is abit better.