11 May 2009


Pardon me for the lack of updates, been busy with homeworks and so on....

Basically here's my weekdays routine:

0745: Wake up by alarms (set 4 just in case), get myself ready and prepared going to school.

0805: Start cycling to school.

0830: Reached school. Ate my breakfast and revise some of the previous day's lessons.
Onigiri and coffee. Total cost 205 yen.

0910: Japanese class started. Usually the teacher would start the class just in time according to the bell ring.
We're having 3 periods, each took up 45 mins and 10 mins break in between the periods.

1145: Lunch break. Nowadays I usually went to the Bunkyo Green Court which located opposite the school for meal.
Samples of my lunch in Green Court.
Grilled Katsuo rice set Curry Katsu rice
Ramen and salad Soba + tempura + salad

1245: Japanese class resumes. Another 2 periods to go.

1425: Japanese class for the day ended.
Depending on which day, I might have extra subjects to take.

1440: Extra subjects class started.
I took General Subjects (mixture of Geography, History & Sociology) and Maths. Since I dropped English, so I'm free to go at 1425 during Tues & Fri.
IMG_0646 Maths

1610: Extra subjects class ended. Preparing to ride home.

1635: Reached the hostel. Online checking blogs and emails, while doing homework. I'm a multi-tasker. :)

1815: Dinner prepared by fellow hostelmates. いただきます!

1930: Wash the dishes and had a nice hot shower. Continue with my computing, listening and reading.

0000: Off to bed. Don't really have a fixed time but usually around that time.

Google Maps:
Honkomagome, Bunkyo-ku, the area my school is located.

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Arakawa, where I'm staying currently.

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