12 May 2009

Audio Technica Journey

It's been awhile since I last posted something regarding audio here, although occasionally I posted pics of headphones that I came across while doing window-shopping in the department stores.

This makes me happy. :)
Audio Technica headphones

Japan is really an audiophile's paradise, especially an Audio Technica fan like me.

My ATH-M30 and ATH-M50 aren't with me currently so I cannot enjoy superior audio listening as I'm using IEM (in-ear monitors) currently. A little IEM can never produce the brilliant sound like a full-size headphones, unless you're talking about those high-end IEMs.

My favourite pair-up back then, Audio Technica ATH-M50 + Sony Walkman S739F.
Sony Walkman S739F paired with Audio Technica ATH-M50

Now I've been considering getting another headphone, heh..... a lethal hobby that is, keeps venturing into different headphones. Mind you, it doesn't come cheap though.

From the Audio Technica choices available here, I'm down to 2 headphones which both cost the same at 14,800 Yen. Converted back to MYR, it's about RM 532. Scary price huh....

My choices are:

ATH-ANC7, noise-canceling headphone.
Audio Technica ATH-ANC7 noise cancelling headphone

ATH-ES7, portable mid-size headphone.
Audio Technica ATH-ES7

From the feedbacks of fellow forumers, it's said that ES7 is a real player and surprisingly great for that price range. Sound quality is assured after the headphone has been burned in for hundreds of hours.

ANC7's main point is it's noise-canceling function (NC), something which I'm quite devoted into currently. My Sony Walkman comes with NC function and it works very well for me while in the plane and train. It's some sort of bonus for those who wants to enjoy good music and at the same time, enjoy a little peaceful moment with oneself.

I've tried both ES7 & ANC7 headphones in those department stores, but disappointingly the surrounding is too noisy to clearly listen to the quality of the sound produced. Besides, I prefer to use my own audio source to test headphones rather than those provided by the dept store.

I'm leaning towards ANC7 due to it's NC function. Both headphones are portable type which suits me well as I'm planning to bring it around while traveling.
Although ES7 might be a better sounding headphone, but I believe ANC7 will not be disappointing either. So given the same pricetag, I'd go for ANC7. :)

As if for now I can just think and consider it, as I have limited fund here. I might be getting it after I start to work part-time.
I've calculated, I'll need say, roughly a week's wages to afford this headphone if I were to work 4 hours per day, 900 Yen per hour pay.

So many headphones to choose....
Audio Technica headphones

There're some other headphones which I considered, but highly unlikely to get it due to the limited fund, and also limited gears as well.
These headphones need proper amplification to bring the best out of it, else it'll sounded rather plain, perhaps slightly better than other conventional headphones.
You'll never want to try those conventional headphones anymore when you've heard the far better sound those top-quality headphones produced.

ATH-ESW9 and ATH-ESW10 Japan. Both are considered premium wooden headphones with superior quality, but needs proper amp to let it shine.
Audio Technica ATH-ESW9
Audio Technica ATH-ESW10 Japan

Both ESW9 and ESW10 are actually improved, or perhaps should say, upgraded model of ES7? I can't tell the difference from the sounding now, but surely the price difference can easily kill me off.
You can get 2 ES7s with the price of ESW9.
ESW10 Japan cost ~50,000 Yen, more than my monthly room rental!! O_O

For now I'll just study hard and work hard.... and reward myself with a nice headphone before I going back to Malaysia next year. :D

P/S: Just noticed Amazon Japan is selling at cheaper price than I checked from BicCamera.com. If I were to get the headphone, am likely to pick it up from Amazon Jp. :)

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