08 May 2009

Rainy Tokyo

Morning was greeted by gloomy sky, rains~
I disliked it rains when I was about to goto school, but I've got no choice. Complaining doesn't help either so I'd just ride to school with my jacket.

Well good thing is although it rains, it doesn't feel so cold unlike previous days. Heck, sometimes it's even colder even without rain!

The weather in Tokyo for now is either cloudy or rain. Once in awhile it is quite warm, around 24'C which I like it.

It is said to be in spring already, but besides the blooming sakuras when I first came, I see no sign of flowers. The leaves are turning green, and that's all I've observed so far.

Today my class ends at 2:30pm, no need to attend additional class as I've dropped English. Heard from friends that the teachers are actually teaching English using katakana.... BIG SWEAT! (-__-||)

I'm not trying to look down at the Japanese, but somehow their English command for the general public isn't as good as I thought, seems like they fear to speak it out.

The English we (Malaysians) usually used are based on British English, while the Japanese employs the American English, thus there may be conflict between both regional English.

OK enough of English' topics here.

For now my Japanese language course has been going pretty smoothly. Am able to catch up with the flow and score pretty good for the tests. Thanks to the great teacher Endou sensei, I enjoyed her class thus improving quite fast, in terms of speaking.

Mastering the language's grammars is just a part of the whole language itself. If you couldn't speak well in the language, you're basically wasting your time studying the language.

Working part-time here in Japan is common, especially for us foreign students. Working part-time not only help us to ease off the living expenses, but also provide a good training ground to practise the language in a real life situation.

Most of us here are clustered together within the same group of friends speaking a common language, our mother tongue, thus we don't really had the chance to speak real Japanese except in the school or buying things from the shop.

It takes time to master a language, but true enough, that slowly it'll improve bits by bits, if you put in effort to make full use of it.

Back to the rainy day, it's quite crucial that your stuffs are waterproof here. Heck, I guess it's essential to have waterproof gears if the place you're living rains.

Usually I would commute either in foot or bicycle. When it rains, I may still be able to use an umbrella while walking but definitely not when cycling. Good for me that the jackets I have with me are waterproof.
The bag my relative gave me as a gift is waterproof as well so the books remain relatively dry in the bag. Thanks again! :)

Cycling while raining does posses a risk as well, the slippery road. My friend fell down before, but thankfully just a few bruises and scratches.

Alright then that's pretty much what I wanna said for now..... No pics posted as I'm having trouble to upload pics to Flickr. :(

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