18 May 2009


Sunday the good senior Mr Fan WT brought us to Ikebukuro 池袋 for lunch buffet, and shopping as well.

Ikebukuro is such a nice shopping district, somehow I had the urge to buy things although normally I don't shop much.

Outside the East gate of Ikebukuro JR Station.

Streets of Ikebukuro, from the amount of people you can tell how popular this place is.

Dedicate this pic to Hello Kitty fans.

Quiet street~ lovely place.

Couldn't resist myself but bought 3 T-shirts for 3,150 yen. Or so they said, better regret buying than regret not buying, heh.

Testing the shirts.
IMG_1043 IMG_1040

Our main mission of the day, buffet lunch at a Thai food restaurant. Kinda hidden from the main streets so someone had to lead us to this restaurant.

Priced at 950 yen, you can order one of the 5 main dishes on the menu, and then free-flow side dishes on the buffet panel.

Went to wallop first round while waiting for the main dish to come. Mesmerizing Thai food.... sour and spicy!

Some Thai style salad. Spicy soup and dessert on the upper right.

Tidbits. This spring roll is best to paired with the Thai-style chili sauce!

Mr Fan's fried noodle. Tasted good!

My rice set with stewed meat. Tasted good too but the portion....

The buffet panel. Not many choices but I'm quite satisfied with the food quality.

Friends and the deco.

Thai food suits Malaysian's appetite so we find the dishes familiar to our liking. Indeed a hearty meal as we're able to taste the something that resembles from home.

Krua Bangkok Thai food, worth to visit it again to carve for some Thai food.
Very happy can tasted food that is spicy enough for Malaysian's standard, I sweat when I eat the food which is a good sign for it's spiciness lol.

We walked awhile, and somehow we're attracted by this Toyota showroom unit so we decided to check it out. Little did we know that the showroom actually took up the whole building which consist of 5 floors.

Actually we step in because of this lol.... car simulator.

Me playing the simulator.

It's not the normal track race, but rather off-road rally race. If not mistaken I'm like driving a unit of Harrier or maybe the RAV4.

Cars' showtime! :D

Toyota iQ. Kinda like the Smart Fortwo.

The new Toyota Wish. Somehow I don't really like the front....

Toyota Crown "Royal Saloon". Toyota's fullsize sedan.
Toyota Crown "Royal Saloon"

Toyota Crown Athlete, sportier version of the above.
Toyota Crown Athlete

Toyota Crown "Hybrid", running on hybrid engine similar to those of Lexus.
Toyota Crown Hybrid

Toyota Crown Majesta, another fullsize sedan derived from the Crown family.
Toyota Majesta

Surprisingly, the most expensive Toyota displayed is this Toyota Century.
Surely it looks kinda old-fashion, kinda 1970's design but this is the pride of Toyota.
Will be looking forward for 3rd gen of this car to roll out, to better fit in 21st century's taste.
Toyota Century

If you may have noticed, some of the pics are in 16:9 ratio. I took those pics with my phone as my Canon IXY ran out of battery. Not bad I would say, perhaps is the only good thing I can talk about my phone lol.

Visited the arcade to have a little fun. :P
GiGO at Ikebukuro, Tokyo

Cute rabbits, but ain't easy to get one I tell you!

I had bad luck playing this hahah.... so I rather spend a bit of entertainment on the gashapon. Back in Malaysia we usually call it "twist the egg" 转鸡蛋 lol.

Well at least I got something here.... Cute accessories worth 200 yen, got 10 of these.

The T-shirts I bought. 3,150 yen.
Take Out Other Side

Ikebukuro is a real nice place to shop at, so next time if you got the chance to come here, better spare extra cash and remember to bring along credit card eh....
Better regret buying than not buying! :D

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