21 May 2009

H1N1 in Tokyo?

Words had spread, the notorious Influenza type A is indeed, reaches the shores of Tokyo. From what I vaguely heard, a high school student was tested positive.
The case broke out somewhere near Kawasaki, if not mistaken south-west of Tokyo, 1 hour+ train ride from Shinjuku.

The Japanese had high consciousness when it comes to contagious diseases, especially flu. Just briefly after the first case is confirmed near Tokyo, very soon those mask supplies available in so many shops in Tokyo has been walloped by the public.

Today I accompanied my friend tried to get the mask supply, we've been to many convenience shops, pharmacies or department stores, all of them are running out of stock.

Few weeks ago I was down with flu (normal one) and coughing so I put on the mask for a period of time as it's a norm the Japanese do so too when you're having flu or cough, to prevent spread it to others.


Now I find myself funny that the timing of me wearing the mask.

I wear it when I can actually don't need to, but from this week onwards I stopped to put on the mask. Now that H1N1 had just struck, everyone is fighting for the mask to wear, so it'll be a little weird everyone is put on mask except for myself.

Japanese are damn crazy.... have a look at this pic.

A pack of surgical masks usually cost 1k yen (100 pieces), but since now the demand surpasses the supply greatly, so the price went skyrocket. 100k yen!!! (RM 3,600)

If you do simple maths, that will be like 1k yen (RM 36) for a piece of mask!!
As crazy as it seems to be, but there's someone actually willing to buy it!!! O_O

Anyhow, I'll take care of myself, so don't worry about me here. :)

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  1. haha i also saw it...
    This is quote from theStar on9 n/p:
    "Yahoo.co.jp's online auction Website showed over 12,400 offerings of medical masks, with the latest bid for one item, 100 boxes of 50 masks, reaching 500,000 yen."500,000yen... wow...
    PS: the one u print screen... the price is too high la... No wonder no ppl bid for it....||

    PS again: Thanks for the masks...^^