04 May 2009

Fragmentise my mind

My my.... I've been through quite some thing these lately..... lol I'm quite surprised that myself can still keep up onto it, still standing firm and take a walk~

I've been sick for the past few days, many thanks for those well wishes and those who concern about me. Glad to say that I'm fine now. :D

I'd love to write this out straight from my mind to sort out the memory, a little like how disk defragment works for the computer. To compile bits of data and reorganise it in a sequence.

Staying in Japan for the moment, I can adapt well with the environment here. It's not really harsh and I've the freedom I want to do things I wanted.

Thus, this gives me more room to concentrate on my studies instead of some external disturbance which I usually get back in KL. Truth to be told, that I can't concentrate 100% when I tried to work out my studies there, so sometimes I would salvage some of the times I spent with myself at night.

Sometimes I just can't concentrate to do things when someone's around, even though they're not watching me. The feel of uneasiness makes me kinda bored so would result me into doing more productiveless things like gaming and some other things else.

Right now over here, I'm all by myself so it's also a test to how far I can take care of myself. It's like an evaluation, from here I can learn which part of me should be improved further to make myself a better person to suit the outside life later on.

You may asked that whether I will feel lonely being all by myself here. In my hostel, the majority is Malaysians, and all of them are people I knew so I won't be having problem to get along with people. Of course, I do make friends with other tenants such as those from China, Taiwan & Hong Kong.

Locking myself in the room may sounds harsh, but as long as the Internet is connected, I can easily find anyone to chat to kill off the boredom. Well, I think I spent most of my time online as usual after finishing my homework.
I still put studies first before doing anything else.

Life has been great for now. Sometimes there might be some surprise and excitement going on here and there, but that's just part of life to be enjoyed so yeah, it's good. :D

Tomorrow will only write about the 2nd trip to Asakusa, which this time I took quite a lot of photos.


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