04 May 2009

Tokyo Imperial Palace

When I woke up during early Saturday morning I still wasn't feeling well. Coughed and sneezed, have to spit out the phlegm, eeeww!! Took the medicine mother prepared and head back to sleep again. Was feeling much better when I woke up from the nap.

I decided to proceed with my plan of exploring the central Tokyo, somewhere which I haven't went before.

My destination is Tokyo station, which can be easily accessed via the JR Yamanote line.

When I step out from the station I was disappointed, it wasn't the Tokyo station I saw from the pics. They're having a total renovation so many parts of the structure had been covered up.

Tokyo station under renovation
Tokyo station under renovation
Tokyo station under renovation

The station is worth to be visited again when all the renovations are done.

I was shocked to see that the streets are almost empty! No cars, no pedestrians, I was thinking where are the usual crowd? Normally during the long holiday breaks some would prefer to stay in the city to explore it, but this time really, not much sign of human activities.

Empty streets.....

First sight of Tokyo Tower!
Tokyo Tower far away

Spotted this awesome Porsche Carrera 911.
Porsche 911 Carrera

Heading towards the Imperial Palace compound.

Crossing the bridge.


Water dispenser.
water dispenser

One of the random structures from the palace compound.
Tokyo Imperial Palace

The huge compound in front of Imperial Palace.
Tokyo Imperial Palace

Random gates heading into the palace.
Tokyo Imperial Palace
Tokyo Imperial Palace
Tokyo Imperial Palace

One of the tourist spots, the 二重橋.
Tokyo Imperial Palace
Tokyo Imperial Palace

After the long walk decided to rest at the local Hibiya Park 日比谷公園.
GPS on my Softbank 921P

The Peninsula Hotel, Tokyo.
The Peninsula Hotel, Tokyo

Rolls Royce Phantom!!
Rolls Royce Phantom

A Porsche which just recently bump into some other car. Consider a minor damage.
Crashed Porsche

Imperial Theatre. It's actually a cinema.
Imperial Theatre

Idemitsu Museum of Arts 出光芸術博物館. Just took a pic as the entrance ticket cost 1k yen....
Idemitsu Museum of Arts

Quiet streets of Yurakucho.
Streets of Yurakucho

The sickness has worsen as I walked further. Was planning to walk to Ginza but given the condition I better settle down quick and go back to have some rest.

Lunch, buta (pork) don with salmon set at Yoshinoya. 490 yen.
Yoshinoya lunch set near Yurakucho JR station

Went to the local 100 yen shop to pick up this mask....
Mask from 100 yen shop

That's just a brief walk down the central district of Tokyo. If I were in better condition will definitely explore more places. Hmm.... might be visiting Ginza one day....

Currently still haven't goto Roppongi yet. It's located at the south-west so it's quite some commuting distance (I'm located at the north).


  1. The fountains would be very good subject for my photography assignment XD!

  2. All of the images that I saw in this blog are really pretty, the bridge design, fountains, buildings and also the content of this blog really interesting. Thank you for sharing.