18 April 2009

Dinner's on ABK

This week has been quite busy in the school. With the classes finally kick starts, and many talks to attend for applying this and that. Besides that, placement test for Maths & English are carried out as well.

Talk about the placement test, hah, reminds me of those time in college.
Maths, as usual, not my best subject, although I kinda like to solve those mathematical questions.
English, I think is about TOEFL level. American slang English, which mainly focuses on business conversation. Something kinda different than I normally did in Malaysia, but still able to do with it.

Had a brief game of table tennis with some friends after the English placement test, and then headed for a talk regarding opening the bank account.
Japan, as high-tech as it's said to be, still employs the very tradition method in processing the applications. For example, using carbon paper-based application forms and requires a seal stamp instead of signature to verify the application.

Went to a friend's room to do some final rehearsal for the evening's performance.

Friends chilling out before the event starts.


Still preparing, around 5:50pm I think. Crowds starting to build up.

Event started around 6:10pm. Introducing some of those seniors who helped to prepare this event for us freshmen. Was quite surprise to know that few of them are actually studying in Tokyo University right now!! (for those who dunno the fact, but Tokyo University is the Top 1 university in Asia.)

Host of the evening, real sporting guy hahah.

School principal Mr Ogiso Yu giving us a "mandatory" speech. Thankfully he's not as draggy as the other old mans hahah.

Before the makan begins.... 食べるの前に

After the makan.... 食べた

The food were good, a welcoming change from our usual menu. Too bad the serving size unable to satisfied most of our appetite lol.

Right after that is showtime! It started with a harmonica solo performance by another fellow Malaysian. He performed "Colours Of The Wind" and William Tell's Overture. The video recording is with my friend though.


OK so next is our turn, the so called Yamabuki gang lol (named after our hostel).

Amusing to see those 2 guys performed like this lol, but anyway everyone had fun with the performance.

Last program of the night is bingo! It's like lucky draw, but in a funnier

Lots of stuffs to choose....

Ying is the 1st who gets the first bingo. She ended up with an SD card and washing powders.

Maritan who performed with us earlier got himself a bottle flask, useful.

As for me, I was lucky enough to grab the t-shirt that I wanted. Black in colour, with some logos which reminds me of LV's styling. Didn't take a pic of it though.

That was a great night, rode back to the hostel around 8pm, a smooth ride as not much cars are on the road.

So today enjoyed a bit of my weekend.... Will update again when I have some stuffs to write up. :)

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