19 April 2009

Awkward Invitation

Afternoon went to Higashi-Nakano 東中野 with a gang of friends to attend a so-called senior's invitation to his place.
I would refer this senior as Mr L then.

From the tone of the above you may sense that something isn't right here.

So Mr L waited for like 20 of us in front of the station, and brought us to a nearby building few minutes walk.

Spotted unusual massive amount of people gathering in front of a building. No idea what's going on so just followed the senior walk in.

Quite unusual to spot Korean words on the notice board, and the moment I see the crosses, I knew something's fishy here.

We were lead to the 4th floor, where they're actually having a Sunday mass, or prayer, in Chinese Mandarin. Yeah, we came all the way from so far away just to be informed that we're joining a Christian's Sunday mass?

Not much details were disclosed when Mr L invited me via e-mail. He chose not to tell us what place is it until the very last moment.

(click for larger view)

And also, we're naive that actually came all the way here eventhough the details aren't very clear. I was one of them. Because I stick to the point that we're going in a large pack, so if anything happened at least we can solve it together.

No offense to fellow Christians, but we're disgusted when we realised this. As much as we respected the religion, but we have the rights to choose whether we're to attend or not to attend such event.

Back in Malaysia it's quite common that Christian friends asked us to join their church's events. We may choose to go or not to go. Now this time, we're like "cheated" to come here.

Some of us left the place after a brief talk with Mr L. We aren't happy with the state of the situation, but given he's also a Malaysian so we just kept silent.

While a few of them actually attend stay to the prayer, I followed the majority gang walk to Ookubo 大久保.

Kinda like this place, it's the street where Chinese and Koreans are quite active. On the streets you can occasionally heard people chatting in language foreign to Japanese, heh.

Spotted this unusual restaurant. Malaysia Restaurant Mahathir lol! Nasi lemak FTW!!

Went to bought 3 packs of dumplings for 1000 yen at the Chinese shop. Good addition for the soup dish we usually cook.

Head back to Arakawa around 5pm. Pic taken from Shin Ookubo JR station.

Spotted these 2 cars that I like.
Mercedes Benz SL
Lexus GS

Since today spent quite some amount commuting, tonight's dinner budget cut short, just 200 yen. A McPork and a Hamburger from McD. I know I might get hungry soon but I think still can stand it 'til tomorrow's breakfast.

A final note about Mr L. Like many Christians I met, he's helpful and friendly, really a Mr Nice Guy. But please, do not try to persuade, or in another worse word, lure people to goto such places if you knew that we might not want to go to such places.

The school has the rule stating that no religions activities are allowed to be carried out to protect everyone's interests, and this matter cannot be taken easily.

A lesson learnt in Japan, do not trust people truthfully even if the person came from the same country, careful we must be.
I just loss a few hundred yens of commuting fee, not much damage.


  1. chill...
    at least much better than some 邪教. force you make 毒誓 to be vegetarian and give yourself their god.

    anyway, I'm curious about their ceremony and might stay and watch. Be careful next time? haha..

  2. lol yea i guess so....

    i respect their religion but do not expect to be sitting there listening to it all the way.
    if at M'sia I may still stay up to listen, coz more familiar at there than here.

  3. 幸好我沒有去囉~
    現在我終於知道為什麼你們說那個"前輩"是怪人~ XD
    下次小心囉... 不要貪太多小便宜^^||

    PS: 真的有MAHATHIR餐廳? 我還以為陸老師騙人~XD 在哪裡? 我也要去拍一拍照片...^^