28 March 2009

Windows Live Messenger problem

Since yesterday I'm not able to start a conversation with people on my MSN, I wonder why.... I can reply the message when others start the conversation, but seems like all of my messages I started are bounced back, stating "the message cannot be received by the recipient."

Noticed that seems like there's a message delay, or timeout when I start to send a message. The message would only bounce back like ~2 mins after I send 'em. Sometimes I do receive instantenous bounced back message though, but that's minor and lest frequent.

An example of what I'm facing right now.

I thought is the add-on I used, the Messenger Plus! Live is causing the trouble, but the problem still persist after I uninstall it.

Another thing I'm concern is that perhaps yesterday's BIOS update somehow affected it? My initial thought is that BIOS update suppose to apply to the hardware config and it's very unlikely that it would cause such a specific problem, as the Messenger is actually running normally (except can't send message out).
If this is actually the problem, then I'm pretty much helpless as I wouldn't normally touch anything related to BIOS....

Seems to work normally.... but not!

I thought that perhaps is because my Streamyx is acting up, but it seems that I'm the sole victim as everyone else' net is basically stable and normal.

Currently trying to reinstall the Messenger itself, found it is quite a hassle as the Messenger is bundled together under Windows Live Essential pack instead of a standalone program back in MSN Messenger times.

Hopefully reinstalling the program will solve the problem for good, if not I really dunno what to do.... Perhaps the last resort, reformat? I hate to do this.....

I can reply when others start the message, weird huh....

OK, I'm done reinstalling the Windows Live Messenger. Same problem still persist. I wonder is there anything to do with the version 9.0 problem (Build 14.0.8064.206). I might revert back to the previous 8.5 build, now trying hard to find the setup file.

Another method to diagnose whether my net connection is the culprit, later I'll be trying connect via wireless at a public hotspot, but that I'll have to wait until this evening.

That's it for now. I'll keep this updated until I solve the problem.
In the meantime, do send me a message on MSN if you see me online, but I can't assure you that you'll get my reply because of this problem. :(


[UPDATE] 2:48pm.

OK I got it solved.

I downgrade my Windows Live Messenger back to version 8.1 (Build 8.1.0178.00) which was released sometime in 2006.

Luckily I found the standalone setup file in Microsoft's site, a much more reliable site to download such files to avoid any suspicious activities

The Messenger window is somewhat comparable to the 2009 version.

Will wait for the latest Windows Live Messenger update only then decide whether I'll be using the updated version again....


  1. I do get that "your messages could not be sent to all recipients" thing VERY OFTEN as well! Do not know why.

  2. What version of Messenger you're using? I switch to older version and it works fine, for now.

    Weird eh.... 'coz the new one used to be working fine until few days ago. :(

  3. I have the same problem! I have nothing new instaled/uninstalled and it just suddenly started happening. :S