28 March 2009

Japanese Language Class

I'm going to Japan next Wednesday, pretty fast 'eh?

Few months ago I announced my plan here, and started the elementary language course. Now, I've completed the course and moving a step forward to another level.

So far I think I've reached JLPT level 3, though I haven't get certified for it, have to sit for the test. Anyhow, am likely to sit for the JLPT Level 2 test later this year.

So far I'm able to converse in simple and basic Japanese, though I still need some time to listen carefully especially those who're speaking just like their Shinkansen.

Too bad I'm still unable to watch those Japanese animes and dramas without the subtitles. I can understand a few basic words but might have struggle to understand those extended phrases. Perhaps is due to the fact that the conversation I practiced mainly academic, and not much of those tactical terms.

I'm glad that I had 2 great teachers to guide me to kick-start studying this language. Ms Komatsubara (小松原 先生) taught us for the first half while Ms Tsunamoto (綱本 先生) guided us for the second half.

Ms. Komatsubara is an experienced teacher who've been teaching for some years already. How can I describe her? Typically gentle, soft-spoken but strict lady. There's no messing around in her class. Teaching in the more traditional manner, so sometimes it can be kinda bored, heh.


Ms. Tsunamoto is a kinda fresh in the teaching field, but just the 2nd day of her teaching I already get used to it already. Still uses the same syllabus as Ms Komatsubara, but the teaching method introduced some interactive between the students, which makes things quite interesting sometimes.


She's just a few years elder than some of us so that makes her just like part of the student as well.

Oh, and not to forgot Mr Oda (小田 先生) as well, who mainly taught us some language grammars but most importantly, the ways of life of the Japanese. It's important to expose us with some of their daily life elements to avoid faux pas. Too bad not many classmates enjoy his class, as they find him boring or so.
I dislike the way some of the classmates shown by purposely skipping his class and giving him a bad impression of Malaysian students.

Besides that, I'm get long fairly well with my classmates. Enjoyed the company of the few sitting besides me.

Caphy, Peggie and me.

Eating out together for lunch is a norm for us classmates. We went to a few places to dine together. Choices are kinda limited as Petaling Street is tourists' spot, so the price is somewhat more expensive than norm.


Lunch together with Ms Tsumamoto.

At the centre.

Well well, many thanks for the sensei's guidance, real helpful and hopefully I can excel in my Japanese studies over there! :)

Some last pics, took with the senseis.

Ms Komatsubara.

Ms Tsunamoto.

Mr Loke & Mdm Maki.

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