05 March 2009

Some videos to share

Tonight I hit the jackpot.... finally found the vocal version of "Asian Dream Song" by Joe Hisaishi, delighted!

旅立ちの時 (tabidachi no toki), also known as "Asian Dream Song" in it's instrumental version, is a piece composed by Joe Hisaishi specially for the 1998 Winter Paralympics in Nagano, Japan.

As you can see from this video, most of the performers are either physically or mentally handicapped, and yet they sang or play the whole piece nicely.
The lyrics talk about living life confidently even if you're not perfect~

When I first listen to "Asian Dream Song", I knew something is so special about this song, I can feel the emotion and feeling from the song, a little sad it seems yet it's powerful to drive me up.

Here's the instrumental version of the song above, "Asian Dream Song".

Another video I'd like to share also from Joe Hisaishi. Someone's playing a medley of Joe Hisaishi's composed pieces, and all those songs are my favourites! So naturally I would love it too!

If you're a big fan of Joe Hisaishi, perhaps you could identify the unique signature of Joe Hisaishi's music? Sometimes you can just recognise it is a Joe Hisaishi's music just by some of the familiar elements found on each of his musical scores.

It is not hard to fall in love to Joe Hisaishi's music. If you're interested I can share some of his songs with you. :D

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