04 March 2009

Anticipating Dell Studio 15

Hmm..... next week only arrive? I expect it to be delivered within this weekend. Order is received on Monday, according to them it should take 5 to 7 days to be delivered, so I expect it to be delivered swiftly on this weekend.

Last time I ordered this Inspiron 1420, confirmed the payment on Monday, and it's delivered on Saturday. I expect same pace for this unit too.

Well anyway, maybe I don't need to wait so long. To be optimistic, I had experience of Dell where they actually push forward the delivery date instead of the one stated on the order status site, thus the tag "Estimated Delivery Date is subject to change without notice" is placed there.

On the other hand, I still dunno what should I name this Studio 15 laptop. Besides mentioning the model series for generalisation purpose, I would also create nickname for the laptop, for example this Inspiron 1420 is named "Instrumentalism".

Dell Studio 15. (Official pic from Dell)
Dell Studio 15

I've shortlisted a few names that can be used. Either "Clavonica" or "Technica".

"Technica" comes from my current favourite audio gear brand Audio Technica.
"Clavonica", well I somehow came up this name while trying to search for "clavinova"(a type of electric piano) on Google. "Clavonica" sounds Russian to me, and a feminine one. Perhaps I could gain some inspiration when I lay my hands on the unit?

I make a rough speculation here on how good the new laptop would be compared to this current one.

* Faster reaction with more processing power and RAM.
* More pleasant viewing screen with 15.6" display.
* More storage to store movies and music files with the monsterous 320GB HDD (although I suspect My Computer will displays ~300GB only).
* Better video-playback and gaming experience, thanks to the 512MB Radeon graphic card.

Would be anticipating this new stuff soon.....


  1. DS 15 looks gorgeous!

    Lol, techinca, i thought abt it before thought of CLD, hahaha..