10 March 2009

Shopping Curse?

I always had bumpy rides when I went shopping (mostly by myself). Found out that most of the times I would face some problems before heading over the counter and made the payment. It's either the good is out of stock, no size, not available, I don't have enough money, or the ATM machines went down.

Recently I was on a shopping spree again, getting things that I may or may not needed it. I seldom do the shop, but when I do, I can burn quite a massive amount of cash.

Acquired this portable earphone amplifier through a deal on the forum. A little bumpy as I have to pre-order it in mid Feb and only get it last Saturday.

It does work quite well to boost up the volume when I pair my Walkman with the Mylarone Bijou earphone.

Portable Music Player combo

So today after class headed to the local Adidas shop which is having sale 'til later this week. Just went there to look around but set my eyes on this pair:

Adidas Truant ATS.

Checked their size, they have the UK size 10 which I'm delighted. Since I did not bring enough cash so I reserved the shoe and went to the get money from ATM machine.

Darn! Maybank's ATM machines went nuts so I have to walk further away to fetch anotehr ATM machine. Luckily the AmBank ATM machine in 7-11 is working, or else I dunno where should I be going to get the money.

I need a better pair of shoe as nowadays I spend more time walking and running rather than kicking a ball. It's sad to say but it has been more than a month or so since I last kicked football.

Used to be like this, but not now.
Adidas Predito II TF

The one I'm still wearing now is not suitable for long distance walk, don't even mention running! It does however quite comfortable to be worn when playing football as it is the main purpose of it.

Well, anticipating tomorrow's delivery..... >:)

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