09 March 2009

How's My Birthday Celebration?

The answer? A simple one, really is.

On the eve of my birthday I received a few SMSs from friends, did not reply them as I was asleep already.

The day started off brightly, no hassle commuting in LRT, playing upbeat and energetic tunes all the way to the school.

Some classmates greeted me, which feels very nice. I did not disclose it to many so some still unrealised lol.

Went to Kenny Roger's Roaster for lunch celebrate together with some close classmates and the teacher. Was rushing to finish the meal as we're short of time. Kinda surprise to see that I can finish up the whole quarter set meal in just 15 mins! Usually I would take my own sweet time eating slowly, heh.

Back to the school after lunch, classmates "launched" birthday songs on me, which I'm very thankful for the well-wishes.

I did not went anywhere else to celebrate after that, been spending much of my time in front of the computer chatting, gaming and replying Facebook wishes.

No birthday cake, but I'm cool with it. I prefer a hearty meal to a thick-creamy cake, heh. ;P

I did received a few messages from some long lost contact friends, such as those from NS camp and ex-schoolmates, thanks for all the wishes! Appreciate it!

That's just briefly what happened on the 6th of March. Once I received the Studio 15 I'll make another post on gifts that I received on my 20th birthday. :)

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