14 March 2009

2009 Birthday Gifts

Sum up what I've been getting for this year's birthday.

01) Nuffnang's 5th cheque worth ~RM 516 on my birthday's eve.

02) FiiO E5 portable earphone amplifier. Got it from courier on Saturday morning. (bought for my own).
FiiO E5 portable earphone amplifier

03) Kitaro Live in Genting concert 2009, on last Saturday.
Kitaro Live in Genting 2009

04) New street shoe, Adidas Truant ATS.

Adidas Truant ATS

05) Dell Studio 15 laptop, due to be delivered this Wednesday (11 March).

Booting up Windows Vista


  1. Bro, i always wonder how to earn that much with Nuffnang xD

  2. through their advertorial proposals. it pays alot but I haven't been writing one for quite some time already.
    normal CPC ads wouldn't earn that much.