23 February 2009

Things I Did Lately

Yesterday evening back from Cameron Highlands. Driving up there via the old route (Tapah) was quite an experience for me, windy and curvey route. One lorry toppled over which blocked 3/4 of the entire road. Luckily still got a gap for my car to pass through. I swear that I would never drive through this road again next time....

But anyway it was a nice trip with lots of vegetable-shopping.
Boy those greenies there are cheap and very fresh! Very happy shopping experience indeed.


Ended up bought worth more than RM 100 of veges, quite crazy but they don't mind spend it on healthy stuffs.

The resort we stayed, Strawberry Park Resort.

Nice lodging, good service, and most importantly great food. I'm fully stuffed from lunch to dinner.

On the way back I drove on the new route (connecting Simpang Pulai) which is better than the old route, albeit it's still windy and some parts low visibility (due to fog).

Bought some stuffs in Ipoh before heading back to KL. It wasn't good either, rainy and slippery road, but somehow I still able to cruise through the highway at 120km/h average. A little addicted speeding a little more but constantly warned by father who's monitoring the speedometer beside me.

Had a good sleep last night, and was recharged when I woke up this morning. I better sleep at 2330 instead of the usual 0000++.

So today back to the language class, nothing much going on, except that we're to hand over our passport for visa application.

Had to skip the afternoon class as I had dental appointment at the clinic not so far (and not so near) away. This was my last time visiting a dental clinic before heading off to Jpn.

To my relief, today's checkup went smoothly and rather quick. The doctor commented not much problem except a few parts which I ought to take note of when brushing teeth.
Actually I dislike visiting dentist since I was a kid, thanks to previous horror experiences I had with dentist.....

Since I went home earlier today, so I still got some time to renew my passport which is expiring this Nov.

The entire process was dream-like, I didn't expect such smooth process to renew the passport. Everything is done within an hour, as I thought I would spend like 2 hours for the whole process. Real good service and efficiency from the Immigration department, thumbs up!

(P/S: If you're a student wanted to renew passport, bring along your school/college/university's offer letter or student card to get student's rate, which is 50% off from normal price.)

Well, pretty much updated on it now. Am glad that had some of the matters settled.

A good start in a new week, I can't ask anything better than this. :)


  1. have you try the corn?

    Its juicy and eaten raw~~ ^^

  2. yeah! damn sweet it is! bought quite a lot of it lol!