23 February 2009

Some confirmed details to Japan

So I'll be flying to Japan on the fool's day, 1st of April that is. Flight details are confirmed as follows:

1/4/2009 (Wed)
MH 902: 1915 ~ 2000 (KL - Singapore)
NH 607: 2135 ~ 0705 (Singapore - Tokyo)

Transit via Singapore because some of my classmates would be going there from Johor, which is closer than coming all the way up to KLIA.

Besides that, my dormitory has been confirmed. Yamabuki Dorm (やまぶき寮) would be the place I'll be staying for the 1 year period.
Room: Single Room (11.5m2) 40,000JPY/month (Including water and internet charge, Not including gas and electricity charge)

Facilities: All single rooms with desk, chair, mattress, air-conditioner, closet, kitchen, fiber-optic internet access and veranda. Public toilets, shower and laundry are available.

Time needed to school 25 mins. by train and on foot
(1) 【Dormitory】5mins.on foot【Machiya Sta., Chiyoda Line】3mins.by train【Nishi-Nippori Sta.】4mins. by JR Yamanote Line【JR Komagome Sta.】10mins.on foot【School】
(2) 【Dormitory】3mins. on foot【Machiya Sta., Keisei Line】3 mins. by train 【Nippori Sta.】6mins.by JR Yamanote train【JR Komagome Sta.】10mins.on foot【School】

It's located at Arakawa ward, a little further away from Bunkyo ward where my school is located at.
You can check out that place via Google Maps (search "〒116-0002東京都荒川区荒川2-58-10").
Luckily those close friends in the class are staying at the same place too. :)

The visa would be done shortly so pretty much 99% I'm flying offshore soon, a month to go~

Hopefully with all these details confirmed I would not need to worry too much, worry bout something that I had no control of.


  1. tears? nope.
    nothing to fear about, but perhaps worry a little more? lol....

  2. うらやましい...オレも行きたいなぁ(´Д`) =3

  3. lol Sieg dont feel so bad bout it, u will have ur chance go Jpn too someday!
    motherland of Audio Technica lolz.

  4. lolx, when the X1000 series mp3 comes out you can purchase it right away. And with a very low price!!


  5. lol X1000 ar..... doubt so lol.
    am happy with my S series now. if i got the money, maybe.... :P