02 February 2009


* This post is written on 21st of Jan 2009. For some reason it's only scheduled-publish today.

The result is out, at 9am today. Not really looking forward or excited or afraid to getting it, since no longer that "useful" for me. For now I don't need it to apply for university, unless plan changed otherwise.

Enough of the forewords, so what do I get?

Hmm.... Biology & Physics both scored well, though not the best. Was kinda surprise my Physics is doing quite good although myself claim that I'm the weakest on it.

Chemistry is a little disappointed, but it can't be helped as the previous papers dragged it down, all "thanks" to P3 which I didn't managed to complete it many moons ago.

Congratulations for my friends who scored good marks!
And for those who didn't get what they expected, don't feel so bad about it, as your life is not judged by your result! Get along with it and life goes on~ :)
You may not be able to enter the university you wished, but there're always alternative to your choices. :)

Maths, heard that many people fall for it. Yea, Maths for my year is quite tough, as they said starting from Nov '07 onwards the Maths are getting crazier. Mine is not excepted. I didn't do well in this paper, but I didn't fail it, thankfully.

So that's the brief review of the 4 subjects which I took for A level.
I've dropped General Paper so there's nothing to talk about it.

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