01 February 2009

Brief Update on CNY

Hmm.... I still haven't post up bout the Chinese New Year 2009 article up. Paused half-way processing the pics, still got quite a lot to do since I also include my sis' pics she took. Oh boy.....

Unlike other KL students, I'm back to the Japanese language school on Monday, not Tuesday. Oh how I wish another day off to do my own stuff and rest for good. Since Monday is still a public holiday in KL so I expect lesser crowds in the LRT. Tuesday might be another story though.

This CNY..... is like toned down from previous years. I dunno how to describe it, but I enjoyed it. The stay at my aunt's new house, and the double dose of great chicken rice at Ipoh.... some of the highlights from this year's CNY.

'til then, randomly post up one of the many pics....

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