26 February 2009

Random facts again

  1. McD & KFC are now competing with each other to promote their breakfast menu. Discount coupons are given out in the newspapers. The consumer is the winner. I personally prefer McD to KFC's breakfast.
  2. My taste of music had changed latley. No longer shunning vocals, but I only listen to those very good one (in my personal opinion). On the other hand, I try to avoid listening to artificial instrumental pieces, thinking that it would somehow ruined the enjoyment of listening to instrumental pieces.
  3. Ever wonder why we ordinary citizens can live a simple live with everyone happily together, but this simple fact never really realised or understood by those foolish politicians?

Written all these facts that came across my mind as I've nothing much to update here.
I think this is somewhat a good idea to write such thing on daily basis, only post something big if something happened or so. :)


  1. Did you realize that McD just increase the price of their meals?

  2. O_o
    hontoni? really? i didnt realised that lol!

  3. No more RM4 value meal for McD breakfast. huhu~ T.T Instead they have lunch value meal.

    I love McD's sausage McMuffin!

  4. The breakfast slightly increased....
    Sausage McMuffin + egg is heavenly... lol.