25 February 2009


A random fact.

I wonder why February only has 28 (29 for leap year) days? Why not stabilised each month at 30 or 31 days at all? Why there's the odd figure in Feb? Kinda mess up all the calculations. Life can be much easier if Feb has 30 days.

What happened to the 2 days? Did the God ate it? Or it is taken off from the Gregorian calendar as a "tax" to the God or sort?

I know it is kinda stupid to argue this point, as this has been calculated by those genius mathematicians long long time ago.

I'm quite curious.... Where gone the 48 hours?


  1. hello this is soojin, the one that replied to your maksim-pure post quite long time ago.

    and answering your post, it's because one year has 365 days, not 367 days :p


  2. hey soojin! it's been awhile!
    LOL but if Feb do have 30 days, it would be 367 days! XD