13 January 2009

Yellow Magic Orchestra

Yesterday while I roaming wildly, I somewhat stumbled on Ryuichi Sakamoto's Wikipedia page, and leads me to a very interesting band which pioneers electronic music.

Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO) is a Japanese techno band consist of the trio: Haruomi Hosono (bass), Yukihiro Takahashi (drums and vocals) and Ryuichi Sakamoto (keyboards). The band is formed in the late 70's.

Their debut song "Rydeen" would be the band's signature song for a very long time.
Here's the music video which dated back in 1979, a time where synthesizers aren't commonly used in music industry.

Consider the this video was made in 1979, it must be very good at that time's standard as I noticed such elements only being introduced into the Western films in early or mid 80's (obviously I haven't born at that time). YMO influenced many around the world to develop further into electronica music.

You might think that this song and MV is ridiculous, I do when I first watch it. But when I compare it to the later 2007 remake, I started to realised how great their composition can be.

This beer ads hinted the band's return after the band members went into their separate solo career in the mid 80's.

Well, they're no longer the black-haired guys you see in the first video, they've aged.

But their silver hair doesn't stop them from keep on performing the music.

Sometime in 2007 the band held a reunion concert with the new remake of "Rydeen", renaming it "Rydeen 79/07" which signifies the band's longevity since forming it in 1979.

If you don't like the original 1979 version, you might try this 2007 version, which I'm currently hooked up with it.

Although it's the same composition, but you can hear the significant change in style, from techno pop to digitized instrumental, which I would call it. I do appreciate their more direct approach on the instruments as previously they rely quite heavily from synthesizers.

Below is an interview of the band conducted by Last.fm. There's subtitle in case you dunno the language they're speaking.

I find it quite amusing, especially their comments on visual kei band. According to Sakamoto, "dai kirai desu". Seems like the band shares the same feeling of disliking heavy metal as well, me too, heh. And not to mention, Sakomoto speaks quite fluent English!

My only understanding of the band members are solely on Ryuichi Sakamoto, as I'm yet to know more bout the other two for now.

I'm not say a big fan of electronic music, but I do like a few pieces from it. Techno or trance songs are something I'd listen if I need some "kick" or stimulant or catalyst etc.... (whatever you name it) to "lift" myself up.

Sometimes instrumental or orchestral may be too soft to achieve that kind of effect techno or trance does, and it's all depending on my mood and location too.

You can't expect me to enjoy a soft piece of piano solo music while commuting in the LRT, do you? (Unless I've a very powerful noise-isolation or noise-cancelling headgear, which I don't.)

Introducing a little different taste of music here. If you like it, then consider lucky as good stuffs are not easy to came across that often, especially looking at silver-haired folks playing techno music. :)

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