12 January 2009

RSS feed overloaded

Just one day after refreshing all the feeds, now I got close to 200 to slowly go through...

Nowadays I spent most of my online time on reading RSS feeds, via Google Reader which is integrated into my iGoogle homepage.

The feeds went bursting after I subscribed a few Japanese-based news portals, which keeps me loaded with lots of information about there.

Besides, it's also the tool I used to track people's blogs around, especially friends'.

If you don't really have time to sit down and surf the blogs, RSS feed can be very useful to help you keep track of blogs, some which you don't wanna miss a single post due to it's "addictiveness".

Hmm.... I wonder tomorrow how many new feeds I'll be having then.... Of course, I didn't have to read all, just pick those that I'm interested only!

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