03 January 2009

A Cup of Tea with Friends

Called a few friends living nearby for a round of "yam cha" (sort of tea break with friends) session. Quite long time didn't keep in touch with them so it's nice to hangout together to update myself what friends are doing lately as well as gossips about other friends, hahah.

Had my dinner there, roti Milo. Taste quite sweet, better than the one I had some years ago at different place.

Had quick talk with Jennifer, Hui Xuan & Jia Hui, before Kok Yi & Yee Kai join in.
Chatting topic pretty much stick to what other friends had been up to lately, etc before changing the location to somewhere else.

Kok Yi & Jennifer left earlier, so the 4 of us went to the playground near my house to had another round of chat, this time we had more freedom to talk about more stuffs.

Speaking with the peers sometimes makes me realise that I'm not the only one who's facing the same problem, seems like others are also having similar case as well, so there's something for us to talk about.

Since some of us are in tertiary education, or still in preparation (waiting result), so much of our topics are about education, from the early days of primary school, and some of the details in secondary school, to the life we're having, or had in college or university.

JH (not Joe Hisaishi this time lol) is currently finished her exam so she got some free time to kill til CNY.
HX started new sem again in her vet course, which we tease her socialise with animals more than human beings lol.
YK is currently waiting for the A level result, now looking for a job around the city centre, wish him luck to get the job.
As for me, currently studying the language course before departing in 4 months time. It'll arrives sooner or later.

Chatted for quite awhile, from like 9pm to 12am non-stop, talked about lots of things.

Personal matters are touched upon, where we exchange our experience on how we see things in life, to get some ideas from people's view. It can be funny and interesting on how things worked out.

I noticed that we all had similar family problem, that is the parents seem like acting more childish while we the kids are acting more like the adults. When the parents argued for small matters, it would be us the kids whom would separate them apart from the quarrelling being dragged further.
Hahah, funny to see how our role changed when we're getting older and wiser. :P

Talked about something of a friend which are close to us. We agreed that no matter how we tried to help him/her, eventually it's up to himself/herself to change, just like Obama's presidential election motto, it's time to CHANGE!

It's enjoying to had a nice conversation with friends, some pretty close ones. Since we do not come out to had a chat like this often, so we can easily chatted for hours without realising the time passed so fast lol. This happen often when we're really taken into the conversation to spice up our mind when the time's too late.

Friday night should be spent socialising with friends, some long-lost contact friends. :)
I find that live isn't that bad without computer, as long as I've something to do I can get myself off from the computer for quite a long period of time.

I can actually live without it, but only if the condition is that there's no Net connection, or the computer had breakdown or so. Life isn't just all about the virtual net world, there're more things to do at the outside world, so don't just limit yourself to this 2D world! :D

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