25 January 2009

Chinese New Year Preparation

Today is the 29th, according to the Chinese Lunar calendar, so tomorrow will be the New Year's Eve, everyone's busy rushing back to their hometown to reunite with their families for the annual reunion dinner.

My family doesn't join the rush of exodus like fellow Malaysians do, instead we'll be heading back to Kedah on the very first day of CNY on Monday morning.

Chinese New Year for this year feels kinda different from previous years. Hmm..... I do not really feel the atmosphere of celebration like previous years.

This year's CNY deco at KLCC's atrium.

To be honest, I noticed since few years ago the celebration feeling is no longer the happy and cheerful feeling like before. Perhaps is because getting older means that I've to help more preparing things as it's my obligation to do so.

CLY came back at a timely matter, she helped a lot in those stuffs, I've to admit I helped a little. CLH won't be joining us this year, too bad. She's gonna spend the CNY in UK, probably with her friends.

Last year CLH's still around for CNY but CLY's absent because she's working. This year is vice versa. CLY's free from her work but CLH still got classes going on.

Year 2007's family pic, the last time all of us are present for CNY.
Picture 076 (Large)

As for tomorrow's reunion meals we'll had one for lunch with our own family, inviting my aunt who's studying not so far away. At night would be going to my paternal relative's house for another round.

So on the 1st day of CNY (Mon) we (me & CLY) will take turns to drive northwards to Kedah. Planned to had our lunch at Ipoh, one of the nice food spots around Malaysia.

Haven't plan anything much what we will do for the 1st and 2nd day of CNY other than travelling, but on the evening of the 2nd day (Tues) we'll be going back to the maternal's side for the annual reunion dinner with the our extended families.
That evening would be a very fruitful as I'd be getting lots of angpows that night.
But I expect this year the "income" will decrease due to the recession which starting to hit the country's economy.

On the 3rd day (Wed) of CNY we'll be travelling back to KL. Haven't decided what time to start travel but I can somewhat predict that will reach home after dinner.

Thean Hou Temple lanterns, took this during last year.

I had Thursday to Sunday 4 days free to do my stuff. Planned to go KLCC again to hunt for something before Sat, as the offer ends on the 31st of Jan. Maybe going there with Ben aka 3T, who's leaving for Aus like 2 weeks from now.

Today after a very satisfying "bak kut teh" dinner headed to Jusco to do some final round of shopping. It was crowded, the shopping mall is having mid-night sale up to 12am.

Discovered that Speedy Video had shifted their shop to the floor above, noticed some new stocks of CDs they're having there. Was hesitating whether I should get a Kenny G 3 CDs or Westlife The Greatest Hits at the same price RM 30, I ended up with Westlife since the Kenny G album is MIC (made in China), am doubtful with the quality.

Westlife Unbreakable Vol 1 The Greatest Hits

I kinda like Westlife's style although they're being critic as only doing cover versions. Nevertheless, one of the very few bands that I listen besides Blue. Was mainly influenced by their songs during my late-primaries and early-secondaries.

We also discovered something today, the wonderful donuts.

Big Apple Donuts

I've read lots of reviews bout the donuts, whether is it by J.Co or Big Apple, and I've yet to sample one until today. Big Apple opened a new outlet here at the lot where Speedy Video used to occupied. Business is very good, there're people queueing up just to get these donuts.

At first we're sceptical at the price of it, so we just bought a half dozen (cost RM 11.50) to try it. The donuts are very good, to our surprise. Pretty soon the 6 pieces of donuts are consumed and being digested by 3 of us (mother doesn't eat these stuffs). Next time we're going to get a dozen of 'em!

Well that's pretty much what I want to write for today. I noticed lack of my life's update here so decided to write this kinda long post not just to entertain blog readers, but also as a "diary" post for future reference, if needed.

Hmm.... this year would be the last year I celebrate here, as next year I will be celebrating it outside Malaysia.

Anyway, wishes everyone a Happy Chinese New Year before it's too late! :D

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