24 January 2009

Brief Review of MylarOne Bijou

OK so this post is about the initial reviews of my near IEM earphone the CrossRoads MylarOne Bijou.

Crossroads MylarOne Bijou

First impression freshly out from the box, the sound signature is sort of messed up, bass is muddy, treble is freakin' sharp and the middle soundstage sounds hollow.

The initial sound reminds me of the first time when I just tested my Sonic Gear EarPump. I hated it (EarPump) initially, but after my EP-50 went busted I've no choice but to use it. Thre more I use it, the better it becomes.
I hope this is the same case for this MylarOne Bijou too.

It is expected, as earphones do not perform at their best initially, so that's why need some time to burn-in.

Yesterday I've tried to compare the earphones I had, namely the Sonic Gear EarPump, Creative EP-630 and the new MylarOne Bijou.
In-Ear Monitors

I only tried with a song as I'm more familiar with the tune and the sound signature. The song I tested is Kitaro's "Matsuri" Live version. The intro itself gives the cue on how the earphone handles the bass.

"Matsuri" starts with a deep and strong bass, which I used that part to determine the bass capability of the earphone. I'm not really a basshead but I do appreciate good handling of bass, especially in techno or electronica songs.

Until now I've burned-in close to 8 hours already, can hear slight improvement in the sound. Still can't have my final say yet, so have to wait 2 weeks later for full review....

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