11 December 2008

Want to write something

Surprisingly today the RO addiction didn't struck me, or else I would be playing the game instead of writing here lol.

So todady's the 3rd day into the Japanese language class, was able to catch up with the lesson rather nice. It's just a matter of time before I could start to speak in the alien language, I hope I'm able to converse normally when I finished up the course.

The teacher, Ms Komatsubara has been helpful and patient to help us out with the language. I barely able to ask and reply a few very basic conversations, like what have you eaten yesterday?  (kino nani o tabemastaka?). 

I'm amazed with the structure of the syllabus as I think there's some overlapping and something missing from the learning materials. 
But as I know, the Japanese wouldn't make incomplete products, so I'll judge it again when I finish the whole course, to see whether there's really something lacking, or the Japanese system is a little different from the language-studying structure over here.

View from my classrom. Petaling Street is the centre figure with green roofs.
Petaling Street

It's good to have companies around, am able to adapt into the class well, and get to know a few more friends. Realised I'm not the oldest in the class, and some people are going to Japan to study the language and work there as they're a degree holder already.

Some of them are fresh grad from SPM, while some are, like me, just finished pre-U studies (STPM/A Level). And some of them are like what I mentioned above, seeking for an employment there.

Eating out in Petaling Street can can easily burst the wallet, if you're not careful enough. Since it's a tourist spot, so naturally many things are more expensive than you can get elsewhere. You can see lots of foreigners around there, including the genuine tourists & legal/illegal labours. 
Seems like locals are outnumbered by foreigners there, that's why Petaling Street is unofficially renamed from China Town to Foreign Town.

Lunch is expensive and that doesn't guarantee the quality & taste though, need to take some time for trial & error before getting the cheap & good food around.
Well thankfully among the company there're a few been "surviving" around Petaling Street for awhile so they know where's the place to get the better deal. 

Taken from the place I dine in for lunch today, overlooking the busy streets.
Petaling Street
Petaling Street

I'm not so used to Petaling Street there as I didn't attend Kasturi, the famous tuition centre in KL. I used to walk around there with my sis when they're still around KL but not anymore. 
Just like the tourist spots in other countries, the locals seldom visit those places unless they're bringing someone around or just simply have the mood to walk around.
Last year I went there to buy a football jersey there though.

Well, this basically sums up what I've been through lately. Can't wait for this weekend!  :)

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