13 December 2008

Exhaustive Week

Finally I can enjoy my weekend break, yeah!

Studying the Japanese language can be fun but the toll has taken up on me by draining every bits of my energy close to the "critical level".

Seems like the 6 hours lesson from 0930 to 1530 is much tiring than 0800 to 1500 class back in college, I wonder why....
Maybe is because I don't need to commute so much? I've to take LRT there instead of driving there back in college life.

Anyway, no complains here. I think from next week onwards I'll be tuned in with this routine and everything will goes fine. :)

Is happy that now I can finally understand a bits of Japanese, good thing is when someone ask me something and I can answer it, if I've learnt it of course. Like I said, still at the very beginning stage, and I'm optimistic with the result in the end. :D

After Friday's lesson was going home, and then some coursemates there suggesting going to PC Fair straight after that.
I hesitated at first, but considering since it's just on the way back home, I can just drop by KLCC to look around before heading back so that I don't need to go out again on Saturday.

I don't really have anything to buy because I got my supplies few weeks back in a trip to Low Yat Plaza.

Reach there around 1600 something, and straight away proceed to the Convention Centre where the PC Fair is held.

Walking to KL Convention Centre

Just like my usual routine in PC Fair, walk from the top floor to the bottom.

Bump into some familiar faces in the HP laptop booth, looks like my collegemates are all united to earn money together lol. But anyway, still glad to see them doing good there. Met Tang Yang, Chen Ping, Li Hong, Aaron, Johnson & Don. Was wondering why I didn't saw Raymond there, he should be working there as well.

Dell booth

Visited the Dell booth to have a peek at the Studio laptops which I find it quite good. After trying it out for awhile, I conclude that it's nothing so great like it says, looking at the plastic keyboard quickly turns me away from it.
It may look more stylish outside, but the core of it is more or less the same as normal Inspiron models.

I used to recommend people to get Studio, but I guess I've to withdraw my words now after testing it. If you really want a Dell, go get an Inspiron instead, which is cheaper.

Some of the audio brands which I liked.

Altec Lansing
Sonic Gear

It's very noisy in that very hall dedicated to audiophiles, with all the speakers and woofers bombing the rooftop. I'm more into earphones & headphones so I wouldn't bother on the speakers.
A little disappointed though, as fewer earphone & headphone units are spotted this time.

I've managed to sample a pair of Shure earphones, dunno which model though. It's at the EpiCentre booth which caters for Apple products. The Shure earphones are, well, not really that great like they said. Perhaps it's because of the noisy situation there, not enough burn-in, or the earphone unit is worn out after prolong testing etc.
For your information, Shure is one of the top brands in earphones, consider higher end ones.

Walked down the largest halls down there for all the bargaining goods. I just look around since I've got no plans to buy anything.

Went to Microsoft booth ask for a T-shirt redemption since I received an SMS of the offer few days ago. Well, they ran out of stock though, only the first 100 dudes would get it. Not damage reported, because I loss & gain nothing.

Was disappointed they're not selling the wired Optical Mouse 1000 that I'm look for, and I personally don't feel safe using a wireless mouse.
I've got the experience to swipe the mouse away from the table. If it's not wired, it'll went crashing down and boom, a replacement.

Walking back to Suria KLCC to catch LRT back, still so crowded at 1700!
Walking to Suria KLCC

That's it to conclude this week. Gonna enjoy this hard-earned weekend. :)

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