17 December 2008

Quick Update

Oh boy, what a day it has been.....

Morning started with usual routine waking up slightly before 0800, prepare myself and went LRT station at 0830. Today was lucky, the LRT resumed to the normal volume and the queue is shorter than previous days.

Reached the centre about 0905, lingers in the lounge with classmates awhile before starting the class.

Today's lesson is quite "heavy", currently learning the rules of the language. Something to do with verb, noun, etc etc.... which is the boring part of any languages. Ah well, at least now I know how gambate is derived from gambateru.

The afternoon lesson slightly changed, another tutor is being introduced. This time is an old timer, 64 years old Mr Oda Kensuke (小田谦介) sensei.

While Ms Komatsubara teaches us the language, Mr Oda handles the general knowledge of Japan. To our relief, Mr Oda's class is much relaxed and laid back compared to Ms Komatsubara's lesson.

Mr Oda speaks pretty good English for a Japanese's term, mainly due to his past occupation which requires travelling around the globe and came across with all sorts of people.

We started off with quite basic population statistical data, which some may find it boring, but not for me, I love these figures and facts. :)

Mr Oda's class is more into storytelling, and not to mention his sense of humour is critical at times. We had a good laugh in the class, poor Jackson always subjected under Mr Oda's crude jokes as he's an ex-student of Mr Oda.

Well, we really enjoy Mr Oda's class, but the downside is he only teaches us once in a week, so we'll have to wait until next week for his interesting lecture again.

Late evening joined secondary school classmates for a gathering, and also celebrating Lei Mun's birthday.

I've got lots of things and pics for that occasion, which I'll leave it for another day to talk about, I'm exhausted now....

'til then, さよなら (sayonara).


  1. Hehehe..
    later bagi us free Japanese classes ler hehehe.. tru your blog XD

  2. lol Miao's japanese class? Not just "meow meow" only? hahah...

  3. wah good suggestion! I want to learn more than meow meow..

    Meow meow meow?

  4. lol no idea, better ask Jian/Miao. :P